I am 35 years old, living with stage IV Endometriosis, possibly adenomyosis and struggled with infertility for almost 4 years. I also struggled with PPD and now struggle with PMDD. I am a mother to a son that was born at 18 weeks and too precious for this earth; and now a mother to a son born in August 2011. By journaling here, I hope to benefit both for myself and for others that are dealing with this disease and fertility struggles. Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yeah, no test today...

It's a really, long, exhausting story. Basically, they (the clinic) dropped the ball...big time! I got a call Monday morning that the Dr. that was going to do the exam was refusing to do it because of my allergy. Yep, that's right! I talked to that office at least 6-7 times about pre-meds...and I still got canceled on. There is a lot more to the story-A LOT. I was so angry yesterday. I typed up everything that I am going to say (so I don't lose my train of thought), and I'm waiting on a call back from the office manager. She'll be back in the office on Friday. Here are all the questions I have:
  • Why weren’t my concerns/questions answered earlier?!?
  • Why did the Dr. cancel on MONDAY, the day before my procedure? Did he not know previously about the allergy? Why not? I definitely called enough times…why was this not communicated to him
  • Are there not standing orders/a protocol for what to do with patients with contrast allergies? I know our clinic does…
  • Why didn’t my Dr. write an order? It was discussed with him and his nurse (did she not communicate with him) at least 3 times before he went OOT? There were 28 days between my apt with my Dr. and the procedure…plenty of time to clear up confusions (or plan an alternative plan) long before the day before!
  • Because of the mix up, I now have to
    • wait another month for my procedure, prolonging my anxieties
    • pay some out of pocket-our insurance in 2008 would have covered the entire procedure
  • Now I am concerned about the procedure itself-
    • One Dr. seems very concerned…to the point he refused to do the procedure
    • Why the discrepancy? Is this really safe? Nurse said that the Dr. wasn’t willing to do it because of the allergy and that “this could kill me” (yes, she REALLY said that-wtf?!)
  • Is Femara+Trigger shot SAFE with not knowing for sure that my tubes are/are not blocked (esp with my endo)?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

May the fun begin

I started my Femara yesterday. I had some bloodwork and an ultrasound done on Tuesday. My cyst has grown another cm since last time...now it's 3.6*3.5. Lovely. But, we are forging ahead with the plan. We'll see how it goes! Here's the Femara protocol:

Femara, 2 a day for 5 days
On Tuesday (Dec 30th) I'm having an HSG exam (flushing of my tubes to see if they are blocked)
On Friday (Jan 2) I'll go in to have more bloodwork and a US
Then, they'll let me know when to take my trigger shot (forgot the name of it)
After the trigger shot we'll have timed intercourse (TI) and, have our 2WW!

Yada yada yada..

Aside from the HSG exam, this is what the next two months are looking like. I am VERY nervous about my exam on Tuesday-especially because of my allergies to the IV contrast. They are supposed to give me pre-medications, but, I haven't heard about anything being called in. I guess I'll have to get on to them on Monday. I hope that's long enough for pre-medications to work!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Here comes the...

Pain, do-be-do-be. Yappers-here comes another cycle full circle. I haven't been feeling too well today-I just have the "icks"-today and yesterday really. Lots of nausea and fullness. Still haven't started my "flow" (as the RE termed it) to call to schedule my testing. Maybe it'll happen so I can get in by Tuesday before I leave town. Debating on whether I should go ahead and start my ibuprofen regimen to ward off any crazy cramps too...

Speaking of the RE, lots of ponderings this weekend. I'm a little upset there wasn't more explanation when we were there on our last visit. When he spoke of the Femara (Letrozole), my husband and I just thought I'd be taking a pill and we'd be continuing things as usual with it's assistance. When I (FINALLY) got someone from the clinic to call me back about my scheduling question, she started talking about all these appointments for ultrasounds and blood work and then something about trigger shots. Um, okay, that's a lot of missed information there!!! I thought maybe I just missed all of that because of being overwhelmed with the news about my uterus and endometrioma...but, my hubby said he didn't remember any of that either. I mean, I don't think this new information will change my mind about what we are doing...but, I really feel someone needs to sit us down and go over all of this!!!! When I go in for my tests, I will be letting them know I need to have someone lay it all out!

Then, are insurance heartaches. Out with the old....in with the new after the first of the year. Our insurance is changing because my husband's company switched providers. So, we are going from no worries, 100% coverage to a $10K LIFETIME max. Um, that's not a whole lot of money in the medical world! So, now we also need to set up time with the financial counselors at the clinic. Then, we really need to sit down and have a heart to heart about how far we are willing to go with all of this. I've been warned it can become an obsession...I can definitely see that. So, we need to be realistic with ourselves.

Please continue to pray for my friend. She got word that her endo was pretty extensive-on her bowel and bladder...and they want her to start treatments soon. She'll still recovering from her surgery and could really use some good thoughts her way :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hello-testing, 1, 2, 3

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been so MIA-'tis the season, right? It's been a little chaotic around here!

I've been feeling pretty good. Random breakthrough pains, and, some breathing issues. I am having a normal charting cycle this month-big sigh of relief there. I'm even having symptoms I haven't had in a while (breast tenderness, PMS, etc). Which, I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. Haha. I haven't had those in FOREVER...I also haven't had the bitchin' cramps in a while either. Wondering if everything is just now, finally, getting back into the swing from Lupron? We'll find out next week I suppose. Merry Christmas to me. ;)

I called the RE's office today with some of my questions and to get some logistical assistance. My Day1, when I'm supposed to call and go in on Day 2 or 3, will fall next week sometime I think. I'm going to be OOT Tues-Sun, so, I am hoping they can write some orders I can take anywhere to do. I THINK they are just blood tests...right?!?

So, just wanted to check in. I'm still here!

Also, please pray for a friend of mine that had a laparoscopy today. She had suspected endo and a mass on her ovary. I haven't heard much, but, it was a little worse than they had suspected (I'm guessing the endo); but, they were able to take care of everything without the full laparotomy. :) She has had painful periods ever since I can remember; I just know she'll be so thankful to have had this done today.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

OUCH, where did that come from?

I've had several STABing (I mean, BAM) pains in the lower left area of my pelvis this weekend. Then, tonight I had one right below my diaphragm-like, between where my diaphragm and ovary pains usually are on the right side. That, plus the diaphragm pains (longer this month than usual, but, maybe not as intense)...it's been a little different! I did exercise on Weds night and Sat morning, and, I've been non-stop all weekend. This week won't be much different as fas as being busy either. Hopefully things will calm down with the random pains, but, I can't help to think this is just the beginning. I will keep a positive outlook though-so sense in being icky about a what if.

So, how big can an endometrioma get before you have surgery? Aren't they worried about it rupturing? MORE questions I am pondering...making a list for the RE!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

RE Appointment Today

My appointment. Hmmmm. It kinda sucked, but, it was good too. Is that possible? The plan is to come in next cycle and test at Day 2-I have to call at Day 1. I was thinking about it though...what if that is Christmas?!?!?! I'm going to be OOT! Anyway, he wants me to start Femara next cycle too-it's an off label use for enhancing my eggs? Wes is going in for tests...he can go anytime as long as there is abstinence 3 days prior. The reason he wants to be so "aggressive" with trying to get us pregnant is because of the nature of my disease...and he'd like to avoid surgery as long as possible because every time they work on an ovary it compromises it.

So, then the kinda okay to worse news...I had an US-and I have a 3.5x2.5 CM on my right ovary (again). If it gets bigger, too big, they'll have to operate again. As long as it doesn't get too big and I'm not dying from pain...it'll be okay there for right now. I'm producing good follicles (I had 11 on the right ovary?). BUT, again, bad news-my ovaries are BOTH glued to my uterus. They aren't supposed to be like that-they are supposed to be floating around freely with space between the ovaries to the uterus. AND, the ovaries are TOUCHING one another from the adhesions too. Great. He said that could be a big problem in the eggs moving from the ovary to the tube to get fertilized. THEN, there is the issue of needing to get my tubes flushed. That needs to happen on days 7-10 of the cycle (which is now, but he's booked-damn)-so, next cycle. The unfortunate thing is that they need to use a similar dye to which I am allergic to. So, I'll be pumped up on steroids and benedryl a few days prior. That part makes me nervous!!!!

So, there ya go. Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm kinda confused. I wonder now that he say my egg count...does he still want me on Femara? Or, are we thinking IVF? towards the end of the appt he said that IVF might be best because of how everything is laid out-and since I'm producing a good many eggs, they'll be easy to get enough to use...

Ugh, I hate when you have questions afterwards.

I almost started crying when he said I had another 'oma (tumor). :( I don't want it back!!!!!!!!! It wasn't there last time they looked (May). But, he's very optimistic, and, it was nice to talk with someone who was really explaining the endo more than I feel my GYN does.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Month 3-A Bust

So, we have our appointment scheduled next week with the RE (Dec 2nd). I'm a little nervous about the appt. I'm not really sure what to expect. This month's cycles were nutty-with the good possibility that I did not ovulate (I've been spotting now for 4 days-no real period). My symptoms are kinda up and down...I guess that's good that they aren't constant though, right? My reflux has been pretty bad since last week...hoping maybe it's a little of the stress? So, I'm not sure what he's gonna say, do, what to do next, etc. So, we'll see.

Not much else new going on here. I've been pretty stressed out between my crazy cycle, home repairs that are NEVER ending and just busy life as usual. I've had a few mini-meltdowns this week. I just need to chill!!! I wish I could wiggle my nose and everything be done around this house!!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I learned a new term yesterday

Anovulatory. I never knew. Here's what Wikipedia had to say:

The anovulatory cycle is a menstrual cycle characterized by varying degrees of menstrual intervals and the absence of ovulation and a luteal phase. In the absence of ovulation, there will be infertility.

::Insert facetious "awesome" here::

So, I had some folks on a chat board look at my chart, and it was almost unanimous that I am heading towards not ovulating this month. It could still happen, but, it's unlikely especially with my normal charting history. The thing that I find so strange about all of this (aside from not ovulating..does that mean no real period?!?!) is that it ALL STARTED with that spotting at the beginning of the month. I was supposed to be having my period, but, it was just spotting for days..and light spotting. So, I'm not sure what all of that means, but, I don't think it's coincidence!

Anovulatory cycles can happen every so often...but, I need to keep my eye on it given my severity of endo. I have an appointment with the RE on Dec 9th, so, I'll definitely be letting him know then. Now, I'm wondering if I'll have a period this time. They say you can bleed, but it's not like a period? I don't really understand that at all. But, I guess we'll see what happens. You never know!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

It was a good weekend

Stressful with the ever-going home repairs, but, good! I had a few "pangs" on Friday night. But, other than that, nothing out of the norm. I just wanted to post because I realize I only tend to post on the negative. Not trying to be a Debbie downer...I guess I just "need" my blog more then-when I'm looking for answers and support. Ya know?

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Anyone good with charts?

Yeah, cause mine is CRAZY this month! I've usually got a nice "regular" pattern-low temps, steady climb (dip-the ovulation), and they peak. It all started with that spotting! I took a pregnancy test thinking...okay, maybe...even after the awful bleeding and clots; but obviously it was negative. Anyone? Anyone?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Why did I say I wasn't nauseated?

Whoa, was that ever a mistake!! Today I've been home with some really awful nausea. I haven't stayed home in a while...I don't have the PTO to do it!!! BOO! I tried going in, but, only made it a couple of hours. My hubby had a stomach bug earlier this week, I got the flu shot on Weds and last night I ate an icky chicken sammy. I am not sure if it's any of those (or which one of those it is)-we'll see. I just hope it passes soon!!! My head is hurting too-ughhhhhhhhhhh.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day 9...and guess what?

Yep, that's right...there's that right sided lower chest pain. It's definitely my diaphragm. I went to PT today and she said that my ribs towards the bottom felt a little close together, but she dug into my diaphragm (yes, it was an uncomfy as it sounds!) and said it was "icky". YEOWZERS-no joke!!! It hasn't been awful today...just really nagging. Sometimes it causes me to be a bit short of breath-but I think that's cause I'm babying it. It also causes me upper shoulder pain/headache because I've noticed I adjust my posture to also "baby" and adapt to the pain.

She also did a rub down of my abdominal area, and, it was all stuck again-very tight and not squishy as it should be (I love her, she totally uses language I can relate to!). I could actually feel as she pushed in on my right, my left side pulling. Nice.

I hate to say this, but (knocking on WOOD), I haven't been nearly as nauseated this month. I take comfort in the relief of that symptom!!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Welcome new bloggers...and other random thoughts

Thanks everyone for coming to visit! I am so glad that there are others out there to communicate and relate to with these issues! Helps keep me sane! I hope you find this blog and the others I have linked here helpful. We are all here for each other-that's why we write these blogs. If I can help just one person by sharing my experiences, I'll feel that this journey is for a purpose! :) Thank you everyone for sharing your stories!!!!

Things here have been going okay. I started my period on Tuesday-it was pretty bad that day and it's been rather mild since then. I'm still cramping, and, the cycle is SOOOO off. It's so strange. My temps are fluctuating a lot too. I don't know what that means.

I did call my OBGYN about my possible diaphragm involvement that I am following with my primary care-and HE called me back and left a message on Friday. He said that there really wasn't much we can do right now about the "disseminated" endo, but, I needed to keep track of everything. The only treatments he would have available would be Lupron (been there, done that) and continuous BC, which is obviously not an option right now.

I'm glad that he called me and that he knows what's going on. We'll be going to the RE at the end of the month if this cycle doesn't work out. It'll be nice to talk to him about all that is going on too. I have a feeling he'll have a bit more of insight.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I totally went against any diet rules today. It was our anniversary, and I just ate WHATEVER. Ick. I can really feel it now! But, it was so yummy, I must say!

I guess they were right

I woke up this AM to a full on flow (so far)...5 days late. I'm never late! Anyway, so, there ya have it. All that build up; hopefully since there was so much activity "before", it won't last long. What terrible timing-today is our Anniversary and I have off work. I popped some good drugs so I'll be bearable today.

Thanks everyone!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Nothing much from the GYN

But to calm down and give it a few more days and see what's up. SORRY...I get a little worried/freaked out when things aren't working like they normally do. It is just so strange to me to have pain and cramping like a period (more I think the colon issues with a period) and not bleed. They didn't seem to think there was anything wrong with missing a period...sometimes that happens. Never to me! So, we'll see how it goes I guess. He wants me to re-test in a few days if I don't start. I don't like all the variables here. If I am pregnant...is it going to hurt like that every time I need to have a bowel movement? If I'm not, where's the blood? I'm pretty tender in my abdominal area...there's got to be some free fluid or something going on in there. But, it's just my body...I have no idea what's going on, right?!?!

Can you tell I'm irritated? And now I'm cramping pretty badly...I'm just going to go to bed and stop pouting. Sorry this is so negative today. :(

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Intense pain tonight

But, still not much bleeding (just spots). What is going on? At this point...I'm a little freaked out. I almost went to the ER it was so bad. It was just after dinner, so, I'm wondering if it was just some bad gas with my already irritated colon situation? I could barely touch my stomach it was so bad. But, now it feels okay. Still tender, but not the intense pain. I will definitely be calling the GYN tomorrow!

Cycle Day 1?

When does "Day 1" really start? I've only just been spotting for the past three days. Nothing at all major. So, when would day 1 start? I didn't think spotting counted as day one? And, when does "spotting" become "light"? I took my temp this morning (about 1.5 hours later than I usually do) and my temp was down from my spike. So, if it was down 1.5 hours LATER than my normal time, I know it was lower earlier...so, I'm not preggers. Just a really light flow...this is really strange!

Friday, October 24, 2008

My Uterus: A Rebel Without A Cause

Started my period today. I guess this sets the stage for a fun weekend/2nd anniversary (which is Tuesday). Hopefully I'm over the worst part by then! Well, MAYBE it won't be bad at all this time! Here's to hoping.

So, on a more (kinda) random note. Has anyone ever heard of this? A friend of mine told me about it-she read about it a book called "A few good eggs". Seems interesting and I thought I'd pass it along for any readers that might find it useful!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Freaks come out at night...

Or, maybe the AM. I woke up this morning feeling rather woozy. The first steps out of the bed were into the wall/window. I took some more stumbles into the bathroom where, for some reason, I thought it was a good idea to take a shower. I was fine, a little wobbly, but, looking it back it probably wasn't a good idea. ;) I took my BP, it was 74/45! WHOA! About 15 minutes later it was back up to 90/something (I'm usually low anyway). The rest of the day I seemed fine. I had an appointment with my ND today (naturopath). She wants me to keep an eye on the BP. I have been kidna dizzy the past few weeks-this may be why.

I should be starting tomorrow-Thurs...ugh...I can feel it coming! I will have to keep an eye on all of my symptoms (as usual).

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oh, here I am!

Sorry-it's been a weird few weeks and I just wanted to escape for a little while. So, my weird rib pain; I did go to my new primary, and, she thinks this could definitely be endo related, whether it be an inflammatory response or actual diaphragm involvement. I had a chest Xray which didn't show any fluid build up or lung changes, which is a good thing. I know endo can't really show up on these exams, but, I was glad to hear it wasn't causing any physical changes! She wanted to do an ultrasound then changed her mind to a CT to rule out other causes. I said no to the CT until after I know this cycle was a bust (which, I am thinking it is just because of how I've felt the past week)-and she that was fine. I am going to track my symptoms again next cycle and just go from there.

This past week I've been pretty crampy and off/on nauseated (as usual). The nausea seems a little better some days, which is nice!

I went to my GI on Friday for a FU. He said that he had exhausted the effort that this could be strictly GI (we already knew it wasn't) and wasn't sure what to do. He wants me to keep trying the zofran with my nausea...I may try again. He also gave me a prescription for something to combine with my nexium; thinking at some point I could continue it and stop the nexium.

He also expressed some concern with a possible pregnancy. He said that he appreciated my desire to have a baby, and that a lot of times that symptoms that I am experiencing can get better with pregnancy. But, a lot of times they don't and can worsen. He wants me to stay in touch and if I need anything to give him a call. He also wants me to talk to my RE when (if) we go next month about my colon involvement of endo and what it would mean during a pregnancy, because he just didn't know. I got pretty upset about this conversation...I'm not sure why. These are definitely things I have thought about, but, I dunno-I was just hoping I was being paranoid or something.

So, anyway, we'll see what's going on this cycle sometime this week. I should start my period by the 23rd/24th...we've done all we can do. It's out of our hands at this point and all we can do is hope and pray.

I've also done a lot of thinking about IVF lately too. I am not convinced that I am made for that journey. We will continue to pray about that. I am just not sure I want to go through all the drugs, all the testing...we'll have to re-vsist that when the time comes and in the meantime I want to arm myself with as much knowledge as possible.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Down day

I had a bad day today. I am SO tired of feeling bad/weird/whatever. I just want to be the "normal" girl/couple walking their dog on the afternoon. I see these people walking around and wonder if they hurt when they breathe in or dread their cycles as much as I do. I know everyone has their own issues...I should know that very well working in the cancer field. Still doesn't mean I can't have a "woe is me" moment. I'm so frustrated with being sick...it seems like it's always something...EVERYDAY. I thank God for every day I am given and for every opportunity in my life; I know things happen for a reason. Sometimes I just get in the funk.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Spotting and deep breath pain?

I'm on Cycle Day 9or 10...and I noticed some blood tinged fluid tonight. What's up with that?!? I've never had any irregularity symptoms with my endo. I thought for sure I was in the fertile part of my cycle, but, now I'm all sorts of thrown off. I'm a little crampy this evening too. So, new symptom, or, just random? (This may by TMI) Since I was thinking I was in my fertile days, we took advantage of the timing earlier in the day (like 12 hours earlier). Maybe that would have something to do with it? I don't like it!

Another thing I don't like...this pain I get sometimes under my right rib (with deep breaths), a bit to the side. Sometimes it goes up my back into my neck area. I've been using an online calendar called fertility friend to help keep up with my cycles. Last month I noted on Cycle Day 10 that I was having "pain with deep breaths". This has happened before-on numerous occasions. Well, the pain with breathing...but not in this particular location. Last month was the first time I noticed it there. So, it's weird...both months it's started around day 9 or 10. Something to keep an eye on. Anyone else ever had this? It's quite uncomfy. I never made notation before; I wonder if it's always cyclical.

Am I a freak or what? I hate having some random, weird pains. :( I feel so alone and stupid sometimes when I have such things going on!

Monday, September 29, 2008


This period has not been fun. The last one I barely had to use any ibuprofen...now I'm on the good stuff. I know it'll only get progressively worse from here. The question is, how long will it take? Hopefully we can get pregnant before I find out...

Friday, September 26, 2008

1 down, 2 to go...(and other endo news)

BFN (big fat negative pregnancy test) here. My cycle started today, and, all the lovely ills that normally accompany it. Haven't had much pain yet...that usually steps in around day 3. We'll see how that goes. Nausea continues, it PEAKED today right about the time I noticed the blood. Lovely. I'm so tired of being nauseous. We have two more cycles to try before we'll get the barade of tests at the RE. You are just so sure because you do everything with such perfected timing and frequency, but, it's really out of our hands beyond that.

Trying to eat better. We need to start exercising more...I know that'll help with my ills.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Power of prayer

***Update on my SIL: After a few days of tests and ultrasounds, looks like everything is okay for now. We aren't sure yet what kind of precautions, if any, she'll have to take for the next 6 months. But, it was great news that all the tests came back good. They said that this will put her at higher risk for pre-term labor. So, it'll be a long few months, but, hopefully not such a bumpy road. Thanks for all the prayers and thanks Jeanne for the encouraging words.***

My SIL is 12-13 weeks pregnant and tonight they had a scare. They are not really sure why, but, she was/is bleeding. She is on bed rest tomorrow and will have to go back to a clinic on Tuesday. They had an ultrasound at the ER and the baby was moving around okay and had a good heart beat. She also had good hormone levels. They are out of town because they were at a wedding, so, she's in a strange place with strange doctors she isn't used to. Obviously a stressful time. She has two other children, 5 and 3, both of which are very excited about the new baby. Please pray for this family. I hope they can find some answers and that everything will be okay. We love you guys!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Healthier Eating, Phase I

**Before I start this post, I forgot to update about my first period post-Lupron. It was...wonderful! As wonderful as bleeding can go anyway. I barely had to pop an Ibuprofen! As gross as I have been feeling lately, I just KNEW it was going to be awful!!! I needed that ray of sunshine on my often cloudy day. I'm on Day 11 right now...waiting to see how this cycle goes**

I'm SO tired of the nausea! I know I need to eat better. But, who feels like thinking about and doing all of that when you are so "blech"?!?!

  • What are your "diet" tips?
  • What changes have you made to your eating habits that has changed your health?
  • How can I dwindle meat products and add more veggies and fish?!?! (I'm used to tacos, spaghetti, chicken salads, meatloaf, etc)
  • Any recipe ideas?


Monday, September 8, 2008

Appointments and Ovulation Predictor Kits (OPK)

The past few days I have just been "blah" feeling..and bloated. I look swollen! Ick! Tomorrow I am going to the naturopath and Thursday I have another manual therapy appointment. Those have been going well (!!)-my pelvic area is apparently a lot "softer", except for the left side where my colon troubles are. I've been pleased. Still plagued with persistent nausea. :(

In our quest for conception, I've just discovered these tools and just wanted to share some FAQ's (from http://www.ovulation-calculator.com/ovulation-tests/opk-faq.htm):

Ovulation Predictor Tests: Frequently Asked Questions

If used correctly, ovulation tests are excellent predictors of ovulation. However, in order to detect the LH surge with accuracy, directions must be followed exactly. The most common mistake made with OPKs is generalizing the methods of pregnancy testing to ovulation testing - which leads to errors in use and in the interpretation of results. To get the most out of ovulation testing, read our Ovulation Test FAQ.

Ovulation Test FAQ

Q: How do ovulation tests work?

ovulation test FAQ Ovulation tests detect luteinizing hormone (LH). Just prior to ovulation, women experience a brief surge in luteinizing hormone. Ovulation predictor kits help you pinpoint this surge and anticipate ovulation - your most fertile period in your cycle. Luteinizing hormone, in elevated amounts, is actually the hormone that causes you to ovulate (when the eggs bursts from the ovarian follicle), so that is why lh tests are so effective in anticipating your most fertile time.

Q: How do I interpret results? The same as pregnancy tests?

Ovulation tests function differently than hCG pregnancy tests. A positive result (indicating an LH Surge) is indicated by a test band that is of equal or greater intensity (equal or darker) than the control band. A negative result for the LH Surge is indicated when the test band is of lesser intensity (lighter) than the control band or cannot be seen. Click here to see diagrams of test results.

Q: What is the best time of day to take the ovulation test?

ovulation test FAQ Unlike pregnancy tests, morning (first morning urine) is not the best time to collect samples for ovulation tests, as LH is synthesized in your body early in the morning and will not appear in your urine until the afternoon. The ideal time to test is in the afternoon, around 2pm, though testing may safely take place from 10am to early evening.

Q: Should I take the test the same time every day?

ovulation test FAQ Yes, be sure to test at the same time each day. Also, reduce your liquid intake around 2 hours before testing as a diluted liquid sample can prevent or hinder LH detection.

Q: When should I beginning testing with the ovulation predictor kit?

ovulation test FAQ To determine when to start testing, you must first determine the length of your menstrual cycle. The length of the menstrual cycle is the number of days from the first day of menstrual bleeding to the day before bleeding begins on the next period. Determine the usual length of the menstrual cycle over the last few months. Then, refer to the Cycle Chart to determine on which day of the menstrual cycle to begin testing. Click Here determine when to begin testing?

Q: How long after my LH surge will ovulation take place?

ovulation test FAQ Generally, ovulation will take place 12-48 hours after the LH surge is first detected (using afternoon urine samples), though 36 hours is considered to be the average length of time following the LH surge.

Q: When I get a positive on an ovulation test, when is the best time to have intercourse?

ovulation test FAQ To increase the chance of conception, it is best to have intercourse the day of the LH surge as well as following three days after.

Q: Does the appearance of faint 'test band' indicate an LH surge?

ovulation test FAQ A faint line (or a faint positive test band) does not indicate a positive result for an LH surge. While the presence of a faint line on a pregnancy test may indicate a positive result, a faint line on an OPK is always negative.

Q: Does taking my basal body temperature tell me the same thing as an OPK?

ovulation test FAQ Basal Body Temperature only tells of your LH surge after it is over. That is why the BBT method cannot predict the LH surge. Ovulation tests will tell you - with pinpoint accuracy - when your chances for conception are greatest.

Q: Can OPKs be used as contraception devices?

ovulation test FAQ Ovulation tests are designed to help facilitate pregnancy. They are not recommended for contraception.

Q: Can clomid interfere with test results or cause false positives?

ovulation test FAQ Clomid may cause false positives if you test for ovulation too early in your cycle. Please consult with your doctor about how to use OPKs in conjunction with Clomid - or other fertility and prescription drugs.

Q: Does a light test line and a dark control line indicate a positive result?

ovulation test FAQ Ovulation tests are unlike pregnancy tests - especially when it comes to interpreting results. The results are only positive if the test line is equal to or darker than the control line.

Q: I had a positive result yesterday and today. Does that mean there is something wrong?

ovulation test FAQ Such results may indicate that your the tests detected the LH Surge on the way up and again on the way down.

Q: What if I experience a BBT thermal shift but the ovulation tests failed to detect my LH Surge?

ovulation test FAQ It is possible to miss the surge. If you have a test line that is fairly dark one day then very light the next, you may have missed the actual surge. If your thermal shift occurs, you probably ovulated. It may be a good idea to test twice a day when you feel that you are close to ovulating. Another possibility is that you didn't hold your urine long enough (resulting in a diluted sample).

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fertility Abbeviations and Acronyms

Whoa...this stuff can be confusing! A lot of chat boards and blogs use so many abbreviations...I needed help. Check out this link if you need any translations:

Friday, September 5, 2008

Stand up to Cancer!

Did anyone see the special on TV tonight? It was a very touching program. It really made me appreciate what I do every day as an oncology research coordinator. It's hard sometimes focusing on the mission when you are piled in paperwork and your brain is spinning in deadlines. At the end of the day it's about someone's life; that we are hopefully a part of something bigger in the fight for cancer. It's amazing, and, I love being a part of something so touching. We've ALL been touched by cancer; friends, family...we all know someone with cancer or someone who has won or lost their battle. Please visit the website, Standup2cancer, and make a donation if you can!

God Bless!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Time to chart!

I started my period this weekend. Coming up on day 3 and I am a bit nervous. It hasn't been too bad so far...usually the 3rd and 4th days are my worst. Tomorrow is my first day back since vacation, so, I'll need to be on my game. Along with some new diet changes (that I really need to set in place), we are planning to chart again. We charted for a while until all my endo troubles started surfacing. I'm eager to see how my chart looks this month. Also eager to start trying to conceive.

Here's a little tid bit about "charting". We use the sympto-thermal method. Obviously we are using this method to GET pregnant, not for prevention anymore!

Sympto-Thermal Method

The sympto-thermal method of natural birth control involves determining the few days out of a woman's menstrual cycles when conception can occur, and then avoiding sexual intercourse on those days. This method involves determining this fertile time in two ways: based on a woman's basal body temperature (it rises after ovulation) and by recording other fertility cues (such as mood and cervical secretions). The name "sympto-thermal" method, comes from body cues (i.e. symptoms) and a woman's temperature (i.e. thermal or thermometer).

How It Works: The Thermo Part

The sympto-thermal method requires that a woman take her temperature every morning before she gets out of bed and record the reading. Depending on where she is in her menstrual cycle, there will be slight variations in her temperature. These variations are most easily measured with a special thermometer that has a range of only a few degrees, known as a basal thermometer Before ovulation, the temperature is likely to be between 97.2 and 97.4 degrees F. After ovulation, it will rise by at least 0.5 degrees and is often above 98 degrees F. When the temperature stays elevated for at least three days, a woman may assume she has already ovulated. Intercourse for the rest of the cycle will not result in pregnancy. To determine the infertile time before ovulation, a woman needs to look at her pattern of previous cycles. Her last "safe" day is one week before the earliest recorded day of temperature rise, or 5 days after the first day of her period.

How It Works: The Sympto Part

sample chart
By recording other cyclic symptoms, in addition to basal temperatures, the infertile time before ovulation can be more accurately predicted (see Ovulation Method). Cervical mucus and firmness, mid-cycle cramping, breast sensitivity, and mood swings are all symptoms which give insight into the progression of a woman's cycle. With careful monitoring, it is not difficult to predict your fertile period, when intercourse is to be avoided. A blank NFP chart for recording these changes is available to view, download, or print.

Intercourse during the time before ovulation is less safe than the time after ovulation because sperm have been known to live up to six days. For this reason, some couples choose to have sex only after the fertile period. This practice, known as the post-ovulatory temperature method, is the most effective of all natural methods, with a failure rate of only 1% among perfect users. However, it is not recommended because it requires a very long period of abstinence.

Effectiveness of the Sympto-Thermal Method

Consider the sympto-thermal method if you are committed to following the rules strictly. This method can be more difficult to use for women with small infants, as getting up frequently in the night can make the temperature readings less accurate. Illness, travel, or alcohol consumption can throw off the basal temperature reading as well. This is why it is important to use as many body signs as possible to predict ovulation for maximum efficacy.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Here it comes

My period that is. It is not a welcome thing...although I guess somewhat of a necessity in our journey to conceive. I've been crampy a lot lately, with, all the other usual symptoms. Please keep your fingers crossed this goes well!

Stomach has been a little better; nausea has calmed down some too. I wonder if my body was getting a surge of estrogen with my pending cycle?

Thank you for all the diet suggestions. I really need to start making more adjustments if this is something I am going to have to deal with. I'm on vacation this week...might be a little worse with food/drink consumption as usual, but, I promise I'll get back on the horse when we return...and, I won't go too wild with the goodies! Hold me to it!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

That weird feeling has a name

I went to the GI on Friday for a FU to my endoscopy. I already knew my results, and, we really didn't even talk about that. Ugh, I always have questions I forget about until later! We ended up talking a lot about my current symptoms, which, he is chalking up ultimately to endo. I'm pretty much constipated (this blog is all about some TMI, right?) for over a month now, which, in turn is causing the dyspepsia (weird feeling in my throat I talked about in my last post) and NAUSEA. Oh, the nausea is just awful. Why so constipated? That lovely endo that was bearing down on my colon. Just lovely. I'm on a regimen of Miralax and Fiber supplement right now-for the next 2-4 weeks. I hope it helps. If not, then he wants me to try Senekot...but, he doesn't really want it to get to that point. Bless his heart-he was asking me if there was an endo surgery, or, if the GYN had planned on following the Lupron up with another surgery, or, if I could take Lupron again. I had to explain that it is only really approved for 6-12 months of therapy (the last 6 with add back) because of bone loss concerns. BESIDES, my colon stop up started the week after the 4th of July...2-3 weeks before the Lupron would have been decreasing out of my system.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I am so tired of feeling nauseated. This week I've developed a new lovely ill-this weird nausea that is all the way up in my throat. I feel at the same time that I've already gotten "sick" (to my stomach), and, that I still need to. But, I never have. Crazy. I've got a FU with my GI on Friday regarding the endoscopy. The results came back good-just some inflammation in my esophagus (reflux) and stomach (dunno what that's about). I'm wondering if I need my nexium adjusted? It's awful...just awful!!! And, not even related to food. Odd. Ick!

I had another manual therapy apt yesterday. They worked on my belly some more. It was crazy. They were holding two parts of my abdomen, and, had be do a pelvic tilt...my whole abdomen moved (obviously it shouldn't). Wild. Not as sore this time (although a different therapist was doing the majority of the work...she's not as tough).

Friday, August 8, 2008

Manual Therapy

I have a pretty exciting post! I went to my physical therapist yesterday for my neck/back pain. I've been on and off at this clinic for about 2 years now. These particular PT's are specialized in manual therapy. The Wikipedia definition is:

Manual Therapy encompasses the treatment of health ailments of various etiologies through 'hands-on', physical intervention.

Physical treatments includes massage, soft tissue mobilization, various connective tissue techniques, myofascial release, craniosacral techniques, mobilization of joints, joint manipulation, mobilization of neural tissue, visceral mobilization, and strain and counterstrain.

They have done WONDERS for my neck. Last year when I went I couldn't move my neck to one side (for whatever reason). Seriously, I love going!

Yesterday we were chatting and I was talking about my endometriosis. She asked if they had ever "worked on" my stomach. Well...no. But, I have read about massage type therapies that are used to help break up adhesions. I was very excited! So, for the last 15/20 minutes of my session yesterday (she actually went over because her last apt of the day canceled) she worked on manipulating the tissues in my abdomen.

Normally, your abdominal area is very fluid...your organs are normally mobile in your abdomen-you can usually move them around a bit. Those of of with endo know that adhesions can cause the organs to literally be glued down or together. She said that things were pretty stiff and unforgiving. She could feel all my organs (weird), and, obviously they don't move like they should. She also mentioned something about my uterus feeling a bit enlarged. Hmmm, interesting (I had inflammation he found during surgery...is it still there?). Things were particularly stiff near my descending colon (where a lot of my pain has been recently).

So, I'm pretty excited. The last 15 minutes of my sessions they are going to work on my abdominal area. :) Maybe this can help! She said that it's not scientifically based, but, that these techniques have been shown to improve fertility. Why not? I feel kind of bruised tonight, and a bit off. She warned me that I might feel kind of icky tonight...said that when things are so stiff and you get things moving around-it could make my body feel odd while it was trying to adjust to the normalcy.

I also learned something interesting about a possible reason for my sciatica pains. She said that with endo comes inflammation. (She used a lot of technical/anatomical terms) and explained that the inflammation could be causing the muscle that surrounds the "tube" with that nerve in it to be "pinched" or have more pressure against it. So, not necessarily that endo has compromised the nerve, but, the inflammatory processes.

Just wanted to share my learning experience yesterday. I'll keep you posted on how the manual therapy is working on the endo.

Colon issues are come and go. I guess it's something I should get used to? We'll see. And, I still haven't heard from my endoscopy. I guess no news might be good news?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Did the Lupron even work?!

With my recent flare up with my colon symptoms, I'm left pondering, did this sh*t even work?!? I know I "only" took 4 months...but, I should be getting at least that much of treatment relief from it, right? The colon stuff even started BEFORE I stopped. I had to breakdown yesterday a little from my frustrations. I really don't think my Dr.'s know what to do about the symptoms. I've been on the miralax since Thursday-it really hasn't seemed to work yet. This AM I woke up with an "icky" stomach ache; it hurts all the way up to my esophagus! I have been eating pretty well, drinking tons of water....I don't know what else to do. I'm giving the miralax until Tuesday-then I'm calling up the GI. I don't know why...he'll just be stumped. I think he's a great Dr., but, the endo stuff I think throws him off.

Could colon "issues" be causing reprecussions all the way up into my upper stomach?!? I guess maybe he was right about it all possibly being related to the endo (I thought he was just saying that because he couldn't find any other concrete evidence while in there with the EGD).

Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Drunken" post

I just got back from my EGD. It went well-super easy. I got the medicines, and, slowly drifted to sleep. When I cam to I was in my curtain room waiting to get dressed! Much MUCH easier than a colonoscopy. He said there was a good bit of irritation and he took a couple of biospies from those sites.

Before the procedure we talked right quick about recent constipation I've had. He definitely feels that it endo related (probably the tummy issues b/c of the colon stuff), since my colon is all sorts of jacked up because of it. It's been more and more difficult to handle lately. He suggested taking some miralax to help move things along.

So, just a bunch of waiting now. I guess it normally takes 2 weeks for this stuff to come through?

Okay, off to a wonderful nap! Thanks everyone!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Dude, seriously, that is a LONG word! How about EGD? I'm having one tomorrow, so, please send some good vibes this way. I've been having issues with heartburn since an antibiotic round back in December, and, just a lot of stomach and nausea issues lately (and negative ultrasound and gallbladder scan). Finally, enough was enough and this procedure was scheduled. I'm so glad, but, nervous at the same time. I definitely don't want anything wrong, but, I'd like some answers or relief! I know my endo has a lot to do with some of it, but, who knows.

I'll try to update tomorrow! Procedure is nice and early!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My first "green" smoothie!

I made our first green smoothie this AM! Well, "green". It was more of a purple brown color. Here's what I did, and, it's yummy!!!

2 big, overflowing handfuls of spinach (I think you are supposed to work up to 5 cups pureed, but, baby steps!)
Ripe banana
Couple piece of frozen Mango
Little bagful of blueberries I had frozen (probably about 1/2 cup)
handful of frozen berries mix (strawberry, blackberry)
splash of OJ

I don't have a big fancy blender, so, I food processed the spinach first with a splash of OJ. I poured that into the blender carafe (I can't think of what else you call it). Then I pureed the fruit with another splash of OJ, combined it in the blender with the spinach, and WAHLAH! :)

Delicious, and nutritious!

I'll get more adventurous with other greens like kale and cabbage later...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Officially cycling off

Today should have been shot #5. So, here we go!!! Nervous, but, excited about what the next few months will bring. My pain has already return in some respects, especially pertaining to a full abdomen. When I wake up in the morning, it's particularly "pressured" when I use the restroom. Not pain per say, but, just feels like there is something squeezing down on things. Uncomfortable let's say.

Anyway, my Dr. said it could take around 8 weeks (could be sooner, could be longer) to get my cycle back. And, it's okay to start trying right away to have a little one. So, wish us luck!!! We have been ready for a family, and, are excited for an opportunity to.

Next week I have an endoscopy-see what's going on in that front. I had to stop my nexium today...not looking forward to next week and not being on that. Am glad that they are going to check things out. AND, glad it's something that we can hear most of the results right away. That'll be nice too. I'm ready for Thursday to be over with. ACK, I can't go in until 11:45. I'm going to starve. Hehe.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

What's next?

Some questions for my RE or GYN (or maybe you) as I prepare to come off Lupron are:

  • How long will it take to get my cycle back?
  • Is it okay to go ahead and try right away, or, should we wait a while? Any known toxicities from the meds with having a child right away?
  • What should I expect these next few months? Is it like coming off the pill? What is my body going to go through? Will I even notice the changes?

I really hope that things cleared up, and, Lupron did it's 'thang. I wonder-I've been having a tender stomach still (off and on). When I first get up in the morning and empty my bladder...or, anytime during the day when my bowels are full-I wonder. It causes a lot of tenderness and pressure in my lower abdomen. I REALLY REALLY hope Lupron did it's 'thang!

I'll start cycling off after Friday I suppose (that's when I should have had my next shot). Maybe I'm being a wuss by stopping. I dunno. 4 months was better than their initial recommendation of at least 3. I just don't like the woozy it's been causing (perhaps the Aygestin was aiding in that?)? Oh, I do know one thing about the Aygestin, it did a FABULOUS job in helping to decrease the side effects from this medication. Only recently have I been having very noticeable hot flashes and night sweats. I was just sitting here a few minutes ago and it was like someone had light a match inside...I actually started to sweat! It was tolerable though. Nothing I wouldn't mind putting up with over pain. But, the woozy freaks me out. Call me nutty.

Friday, July 18, 2008

A little deviation from the norm

Daily reflection-my blessings:

I just wanted to share how blessed I feel to have my husband in my life. No matter what the day brings-he's there for me. And, I know it. I never doubt it. The good, the bad, the ugly. Through sickness and health. As unlucky as I've felt recently, I couldn't have been luckier in finding him. He defines unconditional love. His patience and understanding astounds me. Sure, we have our moments and he loses his cool or just can't handle my mood swings or whatever is going on at the moment-he'd be completely un-human if that was the case. But, at the end of the day (and the beginning and middle and end), he's there for me, and, I know he always will be. I love you Wes!!!

I really don't know where I'd be without my family and friends. This past year has really just been awful so far (endo stuff, house flood/now mold, family deaths, etc, etc, etc)-and, my friends/family have just been amazing. From phone calls to fun little gifts in the mail, I am constantly being lifted by the support that surrounds me. Even though they don't "understand" what I'm going through, they see my pain and feel it too.

And, my blogger friends...the type of support that I have found here is just fantastic. It's so great to come here and share my feelings, and, have someone understand it. Just to have someone to share my experiences with has really helped to make things more bearable.

Thank you everyone!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Tender tummy and ponderings

Off and on this weekend (most notably on Friday evening) my abdomen has been sore to the touch-tender. Now, I've been off the Aygestin about 2 weeks now? (Has it been that long..) I wonder if that was really helping to mask my endo pain? I have noticed that my bowels are full when the tenderness occurs, which, really bothers me. I want that sh*t GONE!!!

I was "woozy" a couple of times again too. Not like before, but, just enough to be annoying. And, still the sciatica pain...especially the past two weeks with all the traveling we've done.

I've been thinking about some things...wondering if anyone out there has any thoughts. We are (obviously) gearing up to start trying to have a baby, once my cycle returns. My thoughts are racing back and forth about what endo remains, and, what kind of impact a pregnancy will have on it. I know pregnancy is good for endo, in meaning that while you are pregnant, your body gets a period of rest from the growth and disaster. But, what about what's already there? My stomach gets sore when my bowels are full...sometimes my bladder too. What happens when we add a baby to the area? I mean, does the pain just stop-I find that hard to believe.

Lots of what ifs. It's been a hard couple of weeks, wondering if I'm doing the right thing about stopping the Lupron, and, wondering what's next. I know it's out of my hands, but, sometimes you just can't help all the thoughts.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Woozy's back/HIDA results

Hopefully for a very short stint (ie, gone by the morning). I was folding and hanging clothes and noticed the dizzy coming back-had to stop the motion of bending over into the dryer and turning to hang them up. I just took some dizzy pills and I'm just chilling now. Hopefully this will fade soon! The tingles are there too-tingles in my shoulders and neck.

Still having sciatica pains...seems to linger after longer car rides. This weekend we'll be driving for about 6.5 hours-we'll have to be sure to make lots of stops!

My stomach is also REALLY bothering me the past two days. It's always "bothered" me-well, not always but for months now (pre-Lupron). It's lower left abdomen, then, higher up in my stomach. I heard back from the HIDA scan-all is well with my gallbladder. So, next step is an endoscopy, and it couldn't get here any sooner. I am MISERABLE tonight-my stomach is achy and up near my rib cage is that awful pressure. I actually have the feeling in my throat tonight too-that doesn't usually happen. ::sigh:: I also took a prevacid (in addition to my regular daily nexium).

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Feeling better it seems

Still have some headaches-I really think those are tension related. My dizzy head got better as the weekend progressed. Friday I was still a little woozy-not so much Sat and today. Hopefully it has passed. I've been off the Aygestin (add back) since Tuesday or Weds...keep your fingers crossed.

I must note that I've had some on/off ankle pain-sometimes it feels like I've really just snapped it in half. That feeling lasts a few minutes, and, comes and goes. My face still looks like a little pizza too-that comes and goes too as far as how bad it gets.

Thanks everyone for your support. I couldn't get through all of this without you. I'm starting to get nervous about what's "next" for me...for us. I pray the pain will stay away as I ween off the shots (I hear that might could take months to start cycling again)-for a long time I hope it stays away! But, who knows how long that'll last. All the unknown is just really nerve racking...so, being "done" with the shots will be bittersweet. I still have about 2 1/2-3 weeks until this one will START to fade-so-I guess just a little premature worry? I'm almost 100% sure I'm not going to take shots 5 and 6. I know I'm feeling better-but I think these past two weeks were a sign for me....

Monday, June 30, 2008

Sometimes they make me wonder!!

So, I called the OBGYN today to let him know that the Anivert isn't working, and, I'm still disoriented. And, specifically, I asked if he thought that this could be caused by the Aygestin (norethirdrone acetate) I'm taking as "add back" therapy for the Lurpon.

I'm not taking the migraine meds-I'm just not. I know how those go. And, besides, if these really are eye migraines, some of those meds are contraindicated!

It's been a constant disorientation for almost a week now. Migraines don't last that long. I also called my eye Dr-they are fitting me in tomorrow AM to take some pics-make sure everything looks good. So, I get a message this afternoon from the OBGYN...I really wish I could play it on here. First of all, the nurse is going ON and ON about how she doesn't know what Aygestin is. I mean ON and ON. Um, hello, did you take a look at my chart? Then, she goes on to say she spoke with the Dr. UMMMMMM, why didn't he tell her what it was? Because, perhaps, she didn't ask him what I asked her to. She continues to babble about with dizzy head and such, perhaps I should go see a Neuro. I wasn't calling for a DIAGNOSIS-I was looking for an answer to a specific question!!!! They called after 5, so, there was no way to return their call. I mean, seriously...speak intelligently when you leave a message on my phone! It's not the first time I've dealt with this either...really makes me wonder!

So, why you ask, did I ask if that was causing my dizziness? I decided to check out the package insert (found it online) for Lupron, and, here's what I found:
Norethindrone acetate treatment should be discontinued if there is a sudden partial or complete loss of vision or if there is sudden onset of proptosis, diplopia, or migraine. If examination reveals papilledema or retinal vascular lesions, medication should be withdrawn.

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm....

Friday, June 27, 2008

Shot#4 and, answers

I had my 4th shot today. I think it might be my last. I talked myself into this one. I woke up again this AM with knee pain-it feels like bone on bone (he said if that keeps up, he wants to do a BMD). I've been having sciatic nerve pain on and off since shot#2. Dizziness-of course it's related to the shot. I thought, hey, I can deal with it. I spoke with the Dr. AFTER my shot (dumb me). Anyway, we were talking my symptoms out-particularly the "pressure" behind my eyes and focus issues/dizzy. I stated, "it feels like a migraine, but, without the pain". It was like a light went off in his head. He said it sounded just LIKE a migraine-and that there are migraines that don't necessarily cause the debilitating pain (although, the pressure is pretty awful sometimes). Anyway, so, I'm having SILENT migraines! Because of the shot too, of course. I am actually surprised I haven't had one before now. Well, I've actually felt this before...just not this long. Anyway, I could never take BC because of my migraines with auras. I don't deal with migraines well...there isn't anything out there to really help them. I tried an excedrin migraine today. That seemed to work okay, but, doesn't last long enough, and, you can only take 2 a day max.

My Dr. gave me a prescription of antivert to try first for the dizzy. Then, he wants me to try imitrex...I'm not taking that unless I am out of commission-migraine meds are most of the time more harsh that the migraine itself. I wonder what are some natural remedies for migraines (aside from caffiene-although, I'll try that in small quantities).

So, looks like I am having:
Migraine (eye pressure-feel like they are crossing; difficulty focusing; tingling on side of scalp and face)
Leg pain

Not the worst of things, but, I just think I am done. We'll see. I wanted to take it as long as possible for POSSIBLE optimal benefits (I know, nothing is guaranteed), but, I think these are my signs that this is enough. Hopefully this month will go well...I'll try to keep this updated as much as I can.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I had a HIDA scan this morning (I dunno what it stands for-lots of big words that mean nuclear med gallbladder scan). I was SO nervous. Wes came with me today (which, was a good thing...if they had to use some of the other meds to better see my gallbladder, I wouldn't have been able to drive-no one mentioned that when I scheduled the apt). ANYWAY, it went well-the process that is. It was LONG, really long. I had to lay on a flat table for two hours with this machine hovering over my
torso (it's not like an xray machine-the machine itself doesn't emit radiation). So, they started an IV line and injected a radioactive tracer into my blood stream. What they bind it with helps direct it where they need it to go-heart, gallbladder, etc, etc. SO COOL! So, I laid there for an hour as my liver then gall bladder took up the tracer. It was cool to watch, although, they need TV's-apparently the latest and greatest machines have DVD players. So, after an hour, then they came in and
gave me this hormone called CCK over a drip IV. It occurs naturally in the body after you eat-it causes the gallbladder to contract. So, I laid there another hour while they took pictures of my gallbladder in action. That part was a little uncomfy-it's kinda supposed to be though. Wes came in before I got the hormone, so, that was nice to have someone to chat with. I wasn't comfy enough to sleep, and, I couldn't during the 2nd hour because I was supposed to be noting symptoms.

I'll hear back sometime Friday or early next week. I should anyway-it's already read. If that turns out okay, then, I get an endoscopy, which, I wish they had just done that while I was having my colonoscopy.

Still dizzy today. It's weird...I've got like pressure between my eyes, and, they feel like they are crossing sometimes. Headache, or, just part of my dizzy spells?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Woozy and Blech

Are either of these real words? I guess woozy is. Anyway, they totally describe how I've felt, especially today. I've been so "ill" feeling...not really anything in particular. My stomach just doesn't feel right, and, I was dizzy today. I'm wondering if it's my BP, the way the dizzy happened. Tomorrow is my HIDA scan. It's a nuclear medicine test. I'm so nervous for some reason. I hate injections these days. They'll inject a radioactive tracer and follow it from my liver to gallbladder. At some point they'll inject this hormone type thing to stimulate my gallbladder-the better to see you with my dear. Just all a little freaky. I just don't want to get sick like I did with the CT. My hubby is coming with me, just in case. LOL-don't travel to anything like this without him anymore. It'll be the same building I work in, so, he's going to be entertained I'm sure while I'm getting scanned. They said to expect to be there about 2 hours. I'll just be glad to get some answers. If everything turns out okay (which I hope it does!) with this scan (ultrasound was normal), then, they'll be doing an endoscopy next.

Dentist appt turned out okay. No cavities or soft spots or anything like that. The sensitivity has calmed itself. I'll be going in for a cleaning in a few weeks-they'll do xrays then too.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tooth sensitivity?

Not to foods...but, just a general "sensitive" feeling in my 4-5 front teeth. SO random and odd. I'm going to the dentist tomorrow-it's been well over a year since my last cleaning, so, perhaps just plaque build-up? Just wondering if it is Lupron related (diminishing bone density?). Curiouser and curiouser.

Headache the past two days-probably my shoulders; things have been pretty stressful around here the past few weeks.

Random wrist pains as well...the other day went to push myself up off the floor and it felt like it was broken. I had slacked off on my vitamins...I gotta kick those back up!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Going on to #4

I've decided today that I will continue with the shots. Aside from the nausea, I've been doing pretty well, and, I like the idea that this could be helping relieve my abdominal area of this nasty disease for a bit. Especially my colon! I need to call the Dr. and let them know. I think from this point it will be a month to month decision about continuation. I don't know why...I just don't want to feel committed if I change my mind. I pray that these shots are doing good, and not harm. It's not in my hands at this point in the game!

Got back on Weds...and someone must have given me their nasty cold on the airplane. Gotta love recycled oxygen!

HIDA scan is scheduled for June 25th. Really not looking forward to it. Still wondering if I should have it done. I mean, I am still not feeling well, but, I just don't think it's my gallbladder. I guess you never know. Body is so mysterious sometimes. I guess it's good to have things ruled out though? I dunno, nuclear medicine seems just a bit much. Again, very nervous.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Finally FRIDAY!

This has been on heck of a week. I'm glad it's over! HOORAY for the weekend. We are traveling this weekend through Weds, so, I'll be MIA on the blog for a while. Hope you all have a good one!

Called the GI today and they called back with a good report on the ultrasound. My next step is a HIDA Scan, which is a nuclear medicine scan. They'll put a nuclear tracer in and watch it as it moves through my gallbladder. They also may give me a shot to make the gallbladder active. Sounds all super crazy-not really looking forward to it-especially with my previous CT scan reaction. It's a different process though...hopefully. My hubby is coming with me this time!!! ;)

Still feeling nauseated, and, I've been having some of that left leg pain again-it's kinda stabby and on and off. Not really sure how to describe it. I can't sit or stand for long period of time...that definitely aggravates it. Other than that, I'm feeling good! Mood has been pretty good, and, pain is at a 0 in the pelvic region.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

No official word on the scan

The tech on Friday said the abdominal ultrasound looked good-just waiting on Dr. confirmation of that and for them to set up the next test. I'm still quite nauseated, maybe slightly heightened, but, my stomach feels better. None of that same sour feeling for the past few days now. That's a relief!

My husbands grandmother passed away last night. We got the call last thursday that she was heading downhill, so, we knew it was coming. Still sucks. It's been a pretty stressful week, now we are trying to figure out funeral arrangements so we can get a flight to TX. I can definitely tell my anxiety is coming about now. Just so much going on these days.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Round three

And no cysts! I dunno why I get myself all worked up-my Dr. had no problem with doing the ultrasound. He was really great about it. Everything looked good. My ovaries are a little enlarged, but, nothing more than they have been, and nothing outside the normal limits. So, it was a good visit. I haven't decided about shot#4 yet. He is encouraging me (of course) to continue treatment since everything is going so well with the side effects (KNOCK ON WOOD); I told him I'd make the decision about 1/2 way into this one.

Mood is getting better. Sometimes I dunno if it's the meds or just things crapping on us lately-probably a combo. 2008 has been a bit rocky so far-sick, surgery, house flood, now house mold and my husband's grandmother is gravely ill. Hoping things will start to look up soon. I mean, they have to, right? Anyway, some of my ill mood might be just from all the sh*t going on these days. At any rate, I don't feel quite as angry as often anymore. I still get the random bouts, but, NOTHING like before!!

So, we'll see how everything goes. Tomorrow is my ultrasound for my gallbladder. I really hope everything checks out okay with that. As much as I want answers for my nausea, I don't want it to be anything that requires surgery. I'm not a fan of hospitals (even though I work in one).

I probably won't have any news on the ultrasound until next week I assume. I'll keep you updated.

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes!!!

***ALSO, please pray for my blogging friend at the "New Kind of Normal" website to the right. She is going in for her hysterectomy tomorrow! My heart and prayers are with you!!!!***

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


That's the word of the day. Dr. wants to check it out-first by ultrasound. If that comes back okay, then nuclear medicine scan, then, if that's okay, endoscopy. At least he has a plan? I'm SO TIRED of being poked and proded. Ugh. I am still going to demand an ultrasound on Thursday. Not that I want it to be ture, but, I just feel the same as I did before. None of the MD's think this is plausible. Why not? You look up endometrioma online, and a symptom is nasuea. Anyway, we'll see. At least the GI is trying to look out for me-he wasn't pleased to see me again (in the manner that I should have been better!). And, I have been having random pains after I eat, so, I guess it's better to have it checked out. I dunno about the nuclear medicine test though-that sh*t freaks me out! I'll have to read up some more on it. I know our cancer patients have treatments and scans over there-I just don't know all the details.

Anyway, that's that. Round 2 of Dr. appts commences on Thursday.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Still not feeling better

Maybe a little? Maybe. Tomorrow I have an appointment with the GI. He gave me something for the nausea-it's not really helping. The sour stomach thing comes on now after every meal or beverage (even water). I went from nausea to nausea+stomach pain. It's SO WEIRD, because, it doesn't bother me WHEN I'm eating-it feels better then. So odd!

We'll see what happens tomorrow. Hope everyone had nice weekends. Besides a few mood swings and an almost emotional breakdown this AM (I think that was Lupron mood with a side of just feeling SO TIRED of being sick)-it was a nice weekend here. I miss yummy foods!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

It's "not common"...

But it happens. Story of my life recently, huh? ;) ANYWAY, apparently the bleeding is normal-so says the OBGYN. K, we'll see about that. I'll try another day off the progesterone...it hasn't subsided the nausea. Actually, I'm just feeling worse and worse as it seems. Today it's a pain (almost like a burning-I dunno how else to describe it) starting from my pelvic area all the way through my stomach up to my ribs. Not like endo period pain, but, like a tummy ache almost? UGH, I'm so over this!!! The GYN WILL do an ultrasound-I need answers. GI also called me in something for the nausea, and, I have an appointment with them on Tuesday-even though I think it's not that. WHo knows these days though. The weird thing is (TMI), it that the ache hurts worse when my bowels are full. That could hurt all the way into your stomach? The body works in mysterious ways.

Off to get some rest. It does a body good! I hope!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


So, what should I think about that? I've been crampy and uber nauseated this week...and tonight after I went to the restroom, I noticed I am bleeding. Enough to wear a panty liner. Soooooooooo, why am I bleeding after so long?

I've been off the progesterone 2 days now. Still feel nauseated. I'll try a couple of more days. I don't want to go too long off of it because I think that is help subsiding any of the hot flashes and all that fun stuff.

GI called...wants me to take something for nausea, and come in to see him in 1-2 weeks. We'll see after my GYN appointment next week if I feel like I need to go in. The nurse on my voice mail said he suggested Reglan, which I am NOT trying again (made me feel like jumping off a cliff!), but, she knew I wouldn't want to take that, so, they are suggesting Zofran. I'll look it up and check it out before I call in the morning. I really don't want to take any more meds!

So, again, back to the bleeding...what's up with that?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

If I had a tail, I'm chasing it....

So, I finally called my OBGYN yesterday to let him know about my persistent nausea. He called back today, and, he is writing this off as possible GI issues. Really? Are you for real? Have you not noticed ANY connection between my GI and GYN issues lately? He said that maybe, possibly, it could be the progesterone. That doesn't make much sense to me-I've been on it for 2 months straight now...why would that be causing the "ill feelings" I've felt in the past 3 weeks. If he wants to chalk it up to side effects, I'd say it's the Lupron. But, I dunno. I've felt this way before...this is a familiar ill. This is not uncharted territory. So, I'll appease the Dr. and lay off the add back for the next few days. I have an appointment with him (not just a nurse) for this possible last shot. I'm not making any decisions about continuing until mid way through #3. Anyway, if his add back therapy theory doesn't pan out, I'll make sure he listens to me next Thursday. Who knows me best? I do, and I am not right in the pelvic area somewhere...and I don't think the GI is going to be able to do anything about it. So, do I just demand an ultrasound for peace of mind on my theory (a cyst)? What would you do? I hate this round and round. I mean, maybe there is some GI issues going on (my stomach also "burns" right below after meals, when I feel like eating)...but, they've always been tied to the GYN. I just have a hard time grasping all of this. I was almost in tears after I got off the phone today...sometimes I just feel like I am talking, and no one hears me.

Thanks for letting me vent. I think I needed it today.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

This weekend

This weekend went pretty well. I'm still waking up nauseated (I'm calling the Dr. tomorrow) and feeling so-so during the day. Eating has become boring once again (nooooooooooooooo, I love food!), but, that really hasn't stopped me from eating. I think that (not knowing what to eat) has a lot to do with that is having been "not allowed" in the kitchen with our recent house work. Hopefully I can get back in there sometime early this week.

I'm having pains on the left and right of my pelvic area. Not constant, but, noticeable. I do not like this at all. :( PLEASE keep your fingers crossed it's not another cyst. It's been one heck of a year-I'm not sure I can mentally handle that right now.

Leg pains too this weekend. My knee is particularly sore tonight. But, I've done a lot of lifting and stooping with yard and house work, so, I'm not surprised.

My neck has been killing me too. This happens often with me, although, it hasn't happened in a while. It has to do with my posture some, and, where I carry my stress (right in my shoulders/neck). I went to PT last year for it because I was getting such terrible headaches. Wonder if I can refer myself. I definitely have been under some stress lately.

Any of you take any anti-depressants/anxiety? Does it help? I used to take anti-anxiety years ago, but, haven't since. I take xanax on and off; the thought of taking another medication kind of sickens me...but at the same time, do I need it? I know some of my anger/fuss has been from the Lupron, but, it has been such a crazy year (especially with house stuff), that, depression right now wouldn't surprise me. I am just tired of feeling like such a bitch!

Friday, May 16, 2008

My week recap

Sorry I've been MIA. We've (finally) had some work done on our house this week and we've been staying with a friend. I'm glad to be home, and chilling. The calm before the storm-we've got a TON to do this weekend to get our home back in shape. It's been a crazy year-but, seems to be moving in the right directions. These updates are going to look great when they finally get done.

ANYWAY, I've been feeling blah still this week. Tummy issues-nausea like back in October. Also, "stomach" pain-right below my rib cage. Heartburn again?! Ugh, I'm on nexium. I'll give both Dr.'s a call next week. I mean, who do I call? Is it endo or a cyst messing me up again (really, this is how it all began), or, is it GI issues on top of this all? Could be side effects? I dunno. Like I've said, I've had these feelings before. I get hungry, but, before I can eat my stomach starts having the pains, and, then I'm not hungry again. Round and round-that's how I feel sometimes.

Pain with BM's-not unusual for me though. I do have adhesions, so, this is not startling. Not awful pain-I just feel full and tender sometimes.

My legs were pretty sore yesterday evening/today. We bowl every Thursday with some friends, and, that must have aggrevated something-that's when the pain started.

Moody still...but, either I'm getting used to it, or, it might be leveling off. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Hope you all are doing well. I have a goal for next week-get back to exercising. I really was feeling better all around when I was being more active. It's just been so crazy these past few weeks with things to do at the house and such...I just need to make the time. It does the body good. Hopefully I'll be able to make more home cooked meals this week too since we have more mobility in our house. Small steps...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Normal?

Still waking up with this "nagging" nausea. It's not altering my daily activities, or, I am trying not to let it-but, it's there, and uncomfortable. Sometimes it feels a little like I waited too long to eat. Other times I can feel it all the way up in my throat. It always comes from my pelvic area-I don't know how to describe me knowing this, I can just feel it. It's the WORST when I first wake up. EXACTLY how it all started, so, at least I am "used" to the idea of these feelings since I've experienced them before. When I eat, it feels better, but, comes back not long after I'm done. It just creates that all over "icky" I've been describing most of the week.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Hoooray for the weekend!

I forgot to post the other day about my 1/2 day hot "flash". I haven't had many hot flashes...most of the time it's just been a warm sensation, not much more. I can't remember what day it was this week-I think Tuesday. Anyway, I woke up hot and stayed that way most of the work day. WOW! Never broke a sweat (I'm not much of a sweater) but man, it was WARM!!! I felt like I was on the beach in Mexico!!!

Still have the "icks". I have this general nauseated feeling on and off. It feels better when I am eating (so I am fooled into continuing), but, about an hour later it returns. I continue to hope maybe this is just nothing, and that this is definitely not a sign of another cyst. Last time I felt this way 2 months later I ended up in a CT scan. Boooooooooooooo!!!

I need to start back exercising. This week and the last have been VERY busy-I don't know where the time has gone! I really think it helped with my symptoms-mostly the HORRID mood swings I continue to have. That was much more regulated with the regular/consistent exercise. I just know I am driving my husband crazy-I'm driving myself crazy!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Icky days

For the past few days I've been having "that feeling" that I had back in October when this all started-early satiety and nausea-just an all over ill feeling. I noticed Monday evening during an Alumni event I was participating in, I got a sharp pain on my right side. These were all my symptoms what seems SO long ago-all relating to the giant cyst on my ovary. I pray that the cyst has NOT returned (I knew before that was one thing that couldn't be stopped by the meds-slowed, but not stopped-if it had already begun to re-grow). I hope we caught it soon enough after surgery. Maybe these are side effects from the 2nd shot? On the label it does say that "nausea/vomiting" are a "common" side effect. So, who knows. If these symptoms persist, I will be asking my OBGYN to take a "peek" at what's going on with an ultrasound at my next visit (scheduled for the end of the month).

I'm exhausted and about to nap-exhaustion has been pretty bad this week, but, I've also been REALLY busy. So, that doesn't really help. I've got my schedule clear next week so I can chill. ::insert sigh of relief here::