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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Down day

I had a bad day today. I am SO tired of feeling bad/weird/whatever. I just want to be the "normal" girl/couple walking their dog on the afternoon. I see these people walking around and wonder if they hurt when they breathe in or dread their cycles as much as I do. I know everyone has their own issues...I should know that very well working in the cancer field. Still doesn't mean I can't have a "woe is me" moment. I'm so frustrated with being sick...it seems like it's always something...EVERYDAY. I thank God for every day I am given and for every opportunity in my life; I know things happen for a reason. Sometimes I just get in the funk.


Anonymous said...

bless your heart allison! You are definitely allowed to have a down day......for heaven's sake girl, you are human...hehe
remember me? i am allisyn,, from Rebecca's old endo forum....i miss talking to all of my endo sisters! Have you heard of weareendo.org ? It is an awesome site...you aught to check it out sometime....hope you have a great night!

Amanda said...


I agree with Allison - you are human so yes you are definately allowed down days. Endo is a horrid thing that can otay take over all other things in your life when it is bad. The sad thing is it is so unknown and so little is understood about it that we often feel very alone with it.

Sending you lots of positive thoughts and hoping you feel a bit better soon.

Amanda x

517Butterfly said...

(((hugs))) It is completely normal to have tough days & need to vent! I think its normal (and healthy) to take time aside for yourself and express your honest feelings about your illness! You can't keep it in all the time! So don't feel bad about voicing your feelings! You have valid reasons to feel the way you do! Anyways, I hope your pain eases up and you feel better soon!

My Endo Journey said...

Thank you everyone!!!