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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cycle Day 1?

When does "Day 1" really start? I've only just been spotting for the past three days. Nothing at all major. So, when would day 1 start? I didn't think spotting counted as day one? And, when does "spotting" become "light"? I took my temp this morning (about 1.5 hours later than I usually do) and my temp was down from my spike. So, if it was down 1.5 hours LATER than my normal time, I know it was lower earlier...so, I'm not preggers. Just a really light flow...this is really strange!


Amanda said...

Do you know - I never could figure out how people counted their days. Hope you figure it out and aren't feeling too bad.

ReadyGo said...

Thank you SO much for the recipe in your comment, I'm really excited about the spaghetti squash (and I'm still eating a lot of turkey, although cutting down on red meat and any dairy). It sounds good, and I'll definitely let you know of any other recipes or quick foods you should try. Great idea about adding in more veggies and eventually maybe starting to cut out things if you feel comfortable. That's always better than just chopping your options in half or something. But this diet really isn't bad, there's plenty of gluten free substitutions for that side of it. The dairy part would be the hardest I think, but I'm lactose intolerant so it's a win win for me anyway.

Ps- I'm not looking forward to trying to figure out my cycles someday. It sounds sooo confusing. My GYN told me I should see an Reproductive Endocrinologist soon even if I'm not trying to get pregnant right now. I guess a little education couldn't hurt. Good luck, and definitely keep us posted on how it's all working. I'm so glad to have people to chat with about the diet, the symptoms, the special lifestyle, the lupron...all of it. :)