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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Spotting and deep breath pain?

I'm on Cycle Day 9or 10...and I noticed some blood tinged fluid tonight. What's up with that?!? I've never had any irregularity symptoms with my endo. I thought for sure I was in the fertile part of my cycle, but, now I'm all sorts of thrown off. I'm a little crampy this evening too. So, new symptom, or, just random? (This may by TMI) Since I was thinking I was in my fertile days, we took advantage of the timing earlier in the day (like 12 hours earlier). Maybe that would have something to do with it? I don't like it!

Another thing I don't like...this pain I get sometimes under my right rib (with deep breaths), a bit to the side. Sometimes it goes up my back into my neck area. I've been using an online calendar called fertility friend to help keep up with my cycles. Last month I noted on Cycle Day 10 that I was having "pain with deep breaths". This has happened before-on numerous occasions. Well, the pain with breathing...but not in this particular location. Last month was the first time I noticed it there. So, it's weird...both months it's started around day 9 or 10. Something to keep an eye on. Anyone else ever had this? It's quite uncomfy. I never made notation before; I wonder if it's always cyclical.

Am I a freak or what? I hate having some random, weird pains. :( I feel so alone and stupid sometimes when I have such things going on!


Amanda said...

I really hope that your cramps and the spotting haven't increased. It is horrid when you get unexplained symptoms and I really feel for you - you're not a freak but I understand why you feel that way sometimes. Take care of yourself!

Jeanne said...

Before I start, let me state the obvious:

Obviously I'm not giving medical advice below. I'm just trying to make you feel a little better...

You are not stupid! I have had some rib pain on occasion (which I think in my case is fibromyalgia but I'm not entirely sure).

However, it hasn't affected my breathing (although other things have on occasion over the years).

Since it is cyclical, I would definitely make your doctor aware of it. While its considered very rare, some patients have had endo found in the lungs. I'm not trying to scare you in any way. I just want to be sure you're aware of this because of the symptoms you're describing.

I'm not sure if you have of history of adhesions following surgery but it's possible that you have adhesions in the rib area that are getting irritated at this time of your cycle.

As far as the bleeding, I'm not a good person to ask. (1) My periods have been known to last 10 days. (2) I learned when I did ovulation charting that I usually ovulate earlier than most people (i.e. on day 11). So what you described actually wouldn't be that unusual for me, depending on the month...

I once had a period from August 1994 through August 1995. Yes, I bled every day for over a year! So I'm not the best one to ask.

Every woman is different. You are NOT a freak. Anytime you notice something cyclical like that, tell your doctor. If he/she blows you off, consider getting a second opinion.

You know your body and if it's worrying you, you may want to get another doctor's insights. Even if you do so simply for some peace of mind.

There's no guarantee that another doc will have answers either but you can only do so much.

I have cyclical problems that I swear are endo-related whether docs agree or not. Over the years, I have had rectal bleeding that begins a day or two before my period for months on end. It scares me. I have met other women with endo who have this too. The docs are always a bit mystified about this symptom.

Since I've had 3 colonscopies plus a foot of my colon removed... I am just living with it. I mean... I had it checked out and got the "all clear". So for now I'm trying to just deal with it. The docs just don't seem to have answers for me on that one. I know I've had endo removed from the cul de sac multiple times and it's DEFINITELY cyclical. So I try not to let it drive me crazy.

However, any cyclical symptoms are a huge clue for endo patients. It's GREAT that you are logging things. That is a really smart thing to do! It definitely helps to spot patterns and is helpful when explaining things to your doctors.

Try not to feel like you're all alone. Unfortunately, there are too many women dealing with such "oddities". Endo is a strange disease that expresses itself in a wide variety of ways.

Hang in there but also keep your doctor informed. It can't hurt to do so. Never be afraid to seek another medical opinion.

A good doc won't be threatened by you getting a 2nd opinion. If Doc #1 gets bent out of shape about it, then it might not hurt to switch to someone who doesn't take it personally that you are just doing your best to care for your body --- the only one you'll ever get. :)


Jeanne said...

See my post for today on fibromyalgia. It talks in the video about rib pain. Obviously I'm not trying to diagnose you. I just thought I'd put it out there.


My Endo Journey said...

I've had a recent chest xray-back in Feb when I was having these issues too. It came out all clear. When I first mentioned these symptoms to my MD, he wanted me to have one but I got him the result of the one the month before. I've thought about it being related, but, I'm thinking it is probably some inflammatory response?

Jeanne said...

Here's my non-medical opinion. While it's great that they at least did a chest x-ray to look around, endometrial implants can be microscopic and difficult for surgeons to see --- even when they are in there doing surgery.

So the fact that a chest x-ray didn't show anything, to me, just means you don't have any masses large enough to show on an x-ray.

On the other hand, endometriosis of the lungs is quite rare. So it might be more likely to be something else --- like possibly fibromyalgia. (I'm NOT diagnosing, of course)! My blog post today has a video that mentions rib pain as a fibro symptom.

I agree with you that inflammation could definitely be a factor! You could have cyclical inflammation related to endo or adhesions reacting differently at certain times of your cycle.

My fibromyalgia was diagnosed many years after my endo. Whether you have any other symptoms that would cause suspicion of fibro, I don't know...

Clearly something is not right if it's affecting your breathing! Breathing problems obviously aren't something to take lightly. I don't mean to be an alarmist in any way. I'm just concerned that unless you push your current docs harder for answers or seek another opinion, you may continue to have this problem.

Active endo can cause inflammation.

In any event, you deserve answers.


517Butterfly said...

I used to have rib and shoulder pain before ovulation. No one could ever really explain it but it happened like clock work. You aren't crazy! Sometimes endo is just weird! I hope you feel better soon!

Christine said...

Could be implantation bleeding if you're in your fertile phase...I'm new to your blog, but finding it very encouraging...it's just nice to know I'm not alone.

sparkysquirrel said...

I have been diagnosed w. Endo for about 3.5 years now, and have had 2 laporoscopys and the symptoms keep returning. I've noticed over these last 4 months I get a very sharp pain underneath my right ribs about a day or two after I get my period, I was diagnosed with IBS (due to the endo) in the past, but these pains scare me. I get the pain in my ribs when I move certain ways, and breathe deep. My shoulder blade is also Very tight and when I breathe in I get a sharp shooting pain at the very top of my shoulders. Through some research online I've found cases of people w. endo that had caused them to get gallstones, and even after their tests all show up negative, symptoms were relieved after having the surgery to remove the gallbladder. I've also noticed my symptoms get a lot worse when I'm not maintaining my diet and exercise and taking my vitamins, I use a program called Women-to-Women. I highly advise checking out their website, even if you don't do the program it's some good info.
I feel bad you're suffering and hope you feel better soon because I truly understand how hard it is to live with, but it's comforting knowing I'm not in this alone, and am not the only one thinking I'm getting random weird pains from nothing!