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Monday, September 15, 2014

Talk to me about hysterectomy

I'm over my uterus.  Over it.  I hate it.  It hates me.  Mutual feelings I suppose.  I'm now having my cycle every 20-25 days with light bleeding at least 5 days before.  So, I'm bleeding every 15-20 days.  I'm totally over it.  Not only that, but, my cyclical migraines are back...the ones that I used to only get on BCP.

I can't take BCP because of my migraines with Auras...I don't WANT anything INSERTED inside of me.  I dont do well with drugs sometimes...I can only imagine.

I am seriously considering talking to my Dr. about a hysterectomy.  Obviously I'm not having anymore children (not for lack of trying).  I'm pretty sure you have to ovulate for that?  ;)

Give me the pros and cons.

I found a "Center for Pelvic Health" here, and, I'm going to make an appointment.  I'm DEFINITELY done with my OB's office.  They tell me irregular bleeding isn't a symptom of endo.  So, when I looked on THEIR website the other day, why is that at #3????

So frustrated!!!