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Friday, February 14, 2014

In between bleeding?

So, every month is absolute psychological torture for me.  The week before my period, I start a little song and dance of spotting on and off.  Sometimes it's heavier than others.  I ALWAYS convince myself it's implantation bleeding.  It NEVER is.

Today (TMI those that know me) we had sex.  I went to the bathroom immediately afterwards and realized I was bleeding.  Husband, unfortunately, realized it too.  Guess how far from my period I am?  ONE WEEK.
This is getting out of hand.  I will freak out for the next week, convincing myself that I am pregnant.  Of course my boobs hurt and I'm tired.  I MUST BE PREGNANT.  Except that happens every month, far too early.

So, I turned to Dr. Google.  Rookie mistake.  Looks like I could have 1 of ten things wrong with me, including low progesterone, endometriosis (um duh), polyps or fibroids.

So, after the $20 in tests I'll spend over the next week and ultimate heartache next Thursday, should I make a call to the OB?  Or, is this my new normal?