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Saturday, July 26, 2008

My first "green" smoothie!

I made our first green smoothie this AM! Well, "green". It was more of a purple brown color. Here's what I did, and, it's yummy!!!

2 big, overflowing handfuls of spinach (I think you are supposed to work up to 5 cups pureed, but, baby steps!)
Ripe banana
Couple piece of frozen Mango
Little bagful of blueberries I had frozen (probably about 1/2 cup)
handful of frozen berries mix (strawberry, blackberry)
splash of OJ

I don't have a big fancy blender, so, I food processed the spinach first with a splash of OJ. I poured that into the blender carafe (I can't think of what else you call it). Then I pureed the fruit with another splash of OJ, combined it in the blender with the spinach, and WAHLAH! :)

Delicious, and nutritious!

I'll get more adventurous with other greens like kale and cabbage later...


Jeanne said...

God love ya! I couldn't drink that mixture...

My Endo Journey said...

No, it's really good! You can't taste the greens AT ALL!

Jeanne said...

Hi again!

I'll have to take your word on the drink for it because I wouldn't be able to drink it. :)

I saw on Endochick's blog that you don't know what twitter is. Well, I'm no twitter expert (!) but I can tell you a little bit... I'm still learning myself.

It's kind of like an instant messaging type of thing where people send short messages one of 2 ways: either a general one that goes to a whole slew of people or a direct one that you can "direct message" to someone specific.

The way I got onto it was a blogger friend (who uses BlogSpot like you and I do) sent me an invitation which I accepted. There is a twitter feed on my blog and I swear I don't remember even putting it there. It think when I accepted the invitation it just put it there.

Maybe I'm forgetting a step but I think it just put it there automatically.

Anyway, you can send these short messages to keep in touch with whomever you choose and then it logs it into your twitter feed thing that is on your blog. From there, people can see your messages either right in your sidebar or by clicking to open and see more messages.

I'm still getting used to it and wasn't sure I liked it at first but it's growing on me.

I'm not known for being concise but twitter forces me to be (character limit). So sometimes I'll use twitter instead of email for certain people to prevent myself from getting wrapped up in a long email. That saves me time.

It's basically a networking tool. The friend who invited me to use it said it was recommended in the book: ProBlogger by Darren Rowse (which I can't afford yet but plan to get in the future).

Twitter seemed to be in pretty frequent use by the people who attended the BlogHer convention, from what I could tell. They were twittering each other during the seminars and if they used general messaging then those of us who were not at the convention could get an idea of what it was like there. (I guess it was the biggest blogging convention ever held).

The website for twitter is www.twitter.com.

Anyway, I'd be happy to send you a twitter invitation if you decide you want to try it.

To invite you, I just need your email address. You can email me directly at: endendo@frontiernet.net.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Hmm... you can't taste the spinach? Really??? I might have to try that cause these iron supplimants hurt my tummy. And I'm off meat. Need greens.

My Endo Journey said...

No! I added enough fruit. At some point you are supposed to work yourself up to more fruit than veggies, but, I gotta take baby steps. Apparently kale is supposed to be good to start out with as well-which, would DEFINITELY pack a good punch of the good stuff-Kale is supposed to be GREAT for endo! I tasted the spinach all pureed up...it wasn't bad either though. The color is kinda gross, but, if you can get past that-it was really good!

Jeanne said...

My endo journey,

Just popping in to say "hi". I hope you are feeling well.