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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Woozy's back/HIDA results

Hopefully for a very short stint (ie, gone by the morning). I was folding and hanging clothes and noticed the dizzy coming back-had to stop the motion of bending over into the dryer and turning to hang them up. I just took some dizzy pills and I'm just chilling now. Hopefully this will fade soon! The tingles are there too-tingles in my shoulders and neck.

Still having sciatica pains...seems to linger after longer car rides. This weekend we'll be driving for about 6.5 hours-we'll have to be sure to make lots of stops!

My stomach is also REALLY bothering me the past two days. It's always "bothered" me-well, not always but for months now (pre-Lupron). It's lower left abdomen, then, higher up in my stomach. I heard back from the HIDA scan-all is well with my gallbladder. So, next step is an endoscopy, and it couldn't get here any sooner. I am MISERABLE tonight-my stomach is achy and up near my rib cage is that awful pressure. I actually have the feeling in my throat tonight too-that doesn't usually happen. ::sigh:: I also took a prevacid (in addition to my regular daily nexium).


Duck said...

Sounds awful! Have you made any diet changes for endo? I suffered for years and then I made a lot of changes in my diet, nothing too severe, and now that I'm back on the pill, I feel great no pain at all, which given my degree of disease is amazing - so if you want to try something else do some research into endo and diet.

Anonymous said...

You may look into what the previous comment... Duck... said about diet.

I know that anything with powdered cheese makes me sick and gives me that rib cage pain. I can no longer eat Kraft Mac and Cheese. It makes me really sick! I haven't been brave enough for an endo diet. I like chocolate too much.

Hope you get feeling better soon.

My Endo Journey said...

I have cut out caffiene (for the most past) and trying to eat only organic dairy and meats when I can. It's hard. I need to do more though-I need to be more diligent. Thanks guys!!

Anonymous said...

I need to cut out caffeine, but when the kids wake me up at 6:30 am, the coffee pot mysteriously turns itself on.... lol

*evil grins*