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Friday, July 25, 2008

Officially cycling off

Today should have been shot #5. So, here we go!!! Nervous, but, excited about what the next few months will bring. My pain has already return in some respects, especially pertaining to a full abdomen. When I wake up in the morning, it's particularly "pressured" when I use the restroom. Not pain per say, but, just feels like there is something squeezing down on things. Uncomfortable let's say.

Anyway, my Dr. said it could take around 8 weeks (could be sooner, could be longer) to get my cycle back. And, it's okay to start trying right away to have a little one. So, wish us luck!!! We have been ready for a family, and, are excited for an opportunity to.

Next week I have an endoscopy-see what's going on in that front. I had to stop my nexium today...not looking forward to next week and not being on that. Am glad that they are going to check things out. AND, glad it's something that we can hear most of the results right away. That'll be nice too. I'm ready for Thursday to be over with. ACK, I can't go in until 11:45. I'm going to starve. Hehe.


Life. Complicated. said...

Good luck! I will be watching your blog to see what happens. I just got my second shot last Friday. Only 4 more to go.

Jeanne said...

Good luck with everything!!! You are in my thoughts! :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck! Sending you baby dust!