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Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Drunken" post

I just got back from my EGD. It went well-super easy. I got the medicines, and, slowly drifted to sleep. When I cam to I was in my curtain room waiting to get dressed! Much MUCH easier than a colonoscopy. He said there was a good bit of irritation and he took a couple of biospies from those sites.

Before the procedure we talked right quick about recent constipation I've had. He definitely feels that it endo related (probably the tummy issues b/c of the colon stuff), since my colon is all sorts of jacked up because of it. It's been more and more difficult to handle lately. He suggested taking some miralax to help move things along.

So, just a bunch of waiting now. I guess it normally takes 2 weeks for this stuff to come through?

Okay, off to a wonderful nap! Thanks everyone!


Alex said...

Glad the procedure went well! I have horrible constipation problems as well... stool softeners are my buddies, but usually as long as I keep my fiber up, I can manage so-so. Get some rest!

Anonymous said...

Glad you made it through! Miralax works wonders, but it takes a few days to get things going. Don't give up on it on the first go. It's not like magnesium citrate - don't expect to be running for the bathroom ten minutes after taking it. And it's tasteless! Def. add some benefiber to some coffee in your mornings. Also tasteless and will help.

AKAblessing said...


I just found your blog today. I also have stage IV endo (or whatever the worse stage is) so I can relate. Been through the endo also and I did have stomach issues.

What really helped me was to eliminate processed foods and to eat more home cooked food (from scratch). Also taking probiotics helped my stomach issues.

Take care and continue to stay strong!

AKAblessing said...

Ooops, meant to write that I also had the lupron

pondering_c said...

hi. i am new the world of endo. i am 33 and like you started showing symptoms of endo when i stopped taking the pill...luckily my symptoms were classic and i was able to go straight to my ob/gyn with my internet diagnosis. i had my lap about a week and half a go and have not gone back for my follow-up appointment to get the final word from my doc. i do know that it was worse than the doctor anticipated, there was a cyst on an ovary and my bladder and uterus were fused together. i don't plan on having children so fertility isn't something i'm concerned with now.

at this point i'm just trying to gather info so I have some insight into what my options are...i'm curious do you have any reading suggestions, advice? i'm just looking for a place to start. thanks and good luck as you continue your adventure.

My Endo Journey said...

Hey pondering c! What is your email address? Or, mine is Allison DOT Dyer AT gmail DOT com (I'm spelling it out because I don't want spammers!). Feel free to email me there! I'm sorry about your recent lap and endo discovery. What sorts of information are you interested in? Alternative medicine? Treatment info? Just overall endo info? Hit me back! The blogs and ladies linked on my page are very helpful sources of information, and, a lot of them have different informative links.