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Thursday, May 22, 2008


So, what should I think about that? I've been crampy and uber nauseated this week...and tonight after I went to the restroom, I noticed I am bleeding. Enough to wear a panty liner. Soooooooooo, why am I bleeding after so long?

I've been off the progesterone 2 days now. Still feel nauseated. I'll try a couple of more days. I don't want to go too long off of it because I think that is help subsiding any of the hot flashes and all that fun stuff.

GI called...wants me to take something for nausea, and come in to see him in 1-2 weeks. We'll see after my GYN appointment next week if I feel like I need to go in. The nurse on my voice mail said he suggested Reglan, which I am NOT trying again (made me feel like jumping off a cliff!), but, she knew I wouldn't want to take that, so, they are suggesting Zofran. I'll look it up and check it out before I call in the morning. I really don't want to take any more meds!

So, again, back to the bleeding...what's up with that?


Deb said...

Ugh! I'm sure the bleeding is from being on and then coming off the progesterone. You may want to ask your doc's office, just to be sure. Lovely all of the things we get to deal with, isn't it?

Sure hope the nausea goes away. How are you feeling about the Lupron? Do you feel like it's helping at all?

My Endo Journey said...

Oh, it's DEFINITELY helping with the pain!!! If this was my period, I'd be in bed with my husband at home helping me move around when necessary! I hope it's doing it's "thang" on my colon too-and getting rid of those adhesions. With my recent stomach issues though, I wonder...I am not feeling very well at all tonight!

rachel said...

Hey, I came across your blog while doing some endo research. I have endo also, was in horrible horrible pain (all the time, not only during periods), had 2 laparoscopies to burn off the endo, had it on my bladder, bowel, pelvic wall, and still had terrible pain so I was about to start Lupron. But after reading more about Lupron I really didn't like the sound of the possible side effects, and it is not a long term way to manage the endo (sometimes only works for several months). I came across studies about endo and nutrition though, that discussed the relationship particularly between endo and wheat. Some women are also affected by dairy. I took myself off of dairy and wheat in February, instead of starting the Lupron shots. It took about 3 weeks to get out of my system but after that, as long as I don't eat wheat/dairy (wheat is the worst), the pain is very minimal. It's actually been amazing. If you haven't looked into the nutritional side yet, order Dian Shepperson Mills' book "Endometriosis: A Key to Healing and Fertility through Nutrition." Apparently the diet helps about 80% of women. Good luck!!!