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Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Normal?

Still waking up with this "nagging" nausea. It's not altering my daily activities, or, I am trying not to let it-but, it's there, and uncomfortable. Sometimes it feels a little like I waited too long to eat. Other times I can feel it all the way up in my throat. It always comes from my pelvic area-I don't know how to describe me knowing this, I can just feel it. It's the WORST when I first wake up. EXACTLY how it all started, so, at least I am "used" to the idea of these feelings since I've experienced them before. When I eat, it feels better, but, comes back not long after I'm done. It just creates that all over "icky" I've been describing most of the week.


Deb said...

I know EXACTLY what you're talking about with the nauseated feeling. It's like this "low grade" (but almost constant) feeling of yuck. I feel that a lot, and it's always how I've described my endo.

Thanks for your posts. I enjoy reading them and hearing how you're doing on the Lupron. I had shot #4 last week. I personally think the Lupron is helping me and that the side effects (headache, hot flashes, disruptive sleep) are getting better. However, it seemed like the noticeable improvement didn't come until shortly after shot #3.

I wish you luck and hope you feel better. I, too, still experience the nausea ... but at least some of the other endo symptoms have gotten better.

Anonymous said...

I often wonder if I should give Lupron a go. Don't want any regrets, in the end. I don't like that yuck feeling, though. Had it for the entire 9 months of my first pregnany. Not fun.

My Endo Journey said...

YES GUYS-it is a "yuck"!!! It's SO HARD to describe to MD's. I don't feel like I'm going to be sick...it's just CONSTANT. I feel so much better sometimes having someone to relate to-although I hate that you all are having to go through this too. Thanks for the comments!

I freak out sometimes wondering what the Lupron will bring long term, but, I guess that's too late now? I think I'm doing fine on it in the "now". Deb-do you ever have pains in your legs?

Endo-good luck! I dunno...sometimes I regret just because of the unknown, but, all medications hold true to that. It's not an easy decision either way :(

Deb said...

I have experienced leg pains, particularly before my surgery (which was right after Christmas; removed a tennis ball-sized cyst along with part of my left ovary). After the surgery and a couple of months on Lupron, the leg pains seemed to get better. Luckily, leg pains aren't on my "list of complaints" these days.

Have you done any alternative treatments/holistic things? I'm not sure if I love the care I'm receiving from my doc - some appointments I feel good about; others I feel like she just rushes through. Have any of you sought out national specialists in the field? Interested in how you feel about your endo care.

My Endo Journey said...

I have been using a little "holistic" approach...and, I plan on going back after I get off Lupron (http://www.carolinasnaturalhealth.com/).

I'm trying to eat only organic meats and dairy (avoid hormones), trying to avoid plastics in food-like storage and re-heat-using a SIGG bottle now for my water. She also recommended using castor oil packs not while menstruating) a couple of times a week for pain. Trying to eat better is the main thing with me right now. I'm also thinking about accupuncture, the ND didn't reccomend that, but, I'll ask her next time.

We really didn't get into the nitty gritty because I had made up my mind about Lupron-but, she said she supported whatever decision I made, and, I could use them as an additional resource while I was on the shot and to come back so I could try to extend the effects of the reduced estrogen naturally. I really like having that extra outlet. Although, I haven't used it much lately.

My RE is really great to talk to as well about the endo...I found him to be very knowledgeable, and, explained things a lot better than my OBGYN.