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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


That's the word of the day. Dr. wants to check it out-first by ultrasound. If that comes back okay, then nuclear medicine scan, then, if that's okay, endoscopy. At least he has a plan? I'm SO TIRED of being poked and proded. Ugh. I am still going to demand an ultrasound on Thursday. Not that I want it to be ture, but, I just feel the same as I did before. None of the MD's think this is plausible. Why not? You look up endometrioma online, and a symptom is nasuea. Anyway, we'll see. At least the GI is trying to look out for me-he wasn't pleased to see me again (in the manner that I should have been better!). And, I have been having random pains after I eat, so, I guess it's better to have it checked out. I dunno about the nuclear medicine test though-that sh*t freaks me out! I'll have to read up some more on it. I know our cancer patients have treatments and scans over there-I just don't know all the details.

Anyway, that's that. Round 2 of Dr. appts commences on Thursday.


Deb said...

Well, I guess that's good that at least you're exploring every possibility. Just a shame that you have to go through more poking, prodding and waiting. Hang in there (which I know is easier said than done) and good luck with your next appointment.

517Butterfly said...

(((hugs))) I hope you find some relief soon! I hate being bounced between doctors! I know they asked me yesterday at the hospital if I minded students viewing the surgery and I said, nah, I lost all modesty years ago! Oh the joys of endo! I really hope you find some relief soon though!!!