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Friday, May 16, 2008

My week recap

Sorry I've been MIA. We've (finally) had some work done on our house this week and we've been staying with a friend. I'm glad to be home, and chilling. The calm before the storm-we've got a TON to do this weekend to get our home back in shape. It's been a crazy year-but, seems to be moving in the right directions. These updates are going to look great when they finally get done.

ANYWAY, I've been feeling blah still this week. Tummy issues-nausea like back in October. Also, "stomach" pain-right below my rib cage. Heartburn again?! Ugh, I'm on nexium. I'll give both Dr.'s a call next week. I mean, who do I call? Is it endo or a cyst messing me up again (really, this is how it all began), or, is it GI issues on top of this all? Could be side effects? I dunno. Like I've said, I've had these feelings before. I get hungry, but, before I can eat my stomach starts having the pains, and, then I'm not hungry again. Round and round-that's how I feel sometimes.

Pain with BM's-not unusual for me though. I do have adhesions, so, this is not startling. Not awful pain-I just feel full and tender sometimes.

My legs were pretty sore yesterday evening/today. We bowl every Thursday with some friends, and, that must have aggrevated something-that's when the pain started.

Moody still...but, either I'm getting used to it, or, it might be leveling off. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Hope you all are doing well. I have a goal for next week-get back to exercising. I really was feeling better all around when I was being more active. It's just been so crazy these past few weeks with things to do at the house and such...I just need to make the time. It does the body good. Hopefully I'll be able to make more home cooked meals this week too since we have more mobility in our house. Small steps...

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