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Friday, May 2, 2008

All shot up

So, I got my 2nd shot on Weds. I've had family in town this week, so, very limited computer access. I had a different nurse this time-just the "nurse of the day" that was in charge of shots I guess. Anyway, I stood up this time instead of laying down. It pinched a bit more, and, on the way home my leg was a little sore. That cleared up until about 9 PM Weds evening. Then, it started feeling like someone had kicked me in the a$$ with a steel toed boot (6). It's diminished throughout the past few days(4), but, it's still sore with certain movements, and, I can't put all my weight on that side when I sit down. I'm laying down next time, and, I want my old nurse!!! Not that it probably had anything to do with the nurse, but, I'm just saying.

I've had maybe hot flashes the past 2 nights? Both happened in Target, both at the same time in the evening-around 9 PM. I dunno if Target was just particularly warm, or, if it was me. Seems like it was me...my mom wasn't fanning herself. It's not awful, sweating type flashes (3-4). I just get really hot all over. WHEW! It's happened once or twice at work too.

Bone pain increased in my fingers (ranges from 3-5), my left ring finger in particular for some reason. This happened last time, but, seemed to taper over time. I've been having some tummy pains-colon/digestive related. I haven't been eating very well lately-we were without a stove for a few days, and, with company in town, we are eating out a lot.

POOPED again too. I think I have been spreading myself too thin this week. So much for resting tomorrow. We've volunteered for a golf tournament for most of the day, so, I'll try to get some rest this evening. It should be a nice day tomorrow, but, not looking forward to being on my feet for that many hours.

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