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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Month 3-A Bust

So, we have our appointment scheduled next week with the RE (Dec 2nd). I'm a little nervous about the appt. I'm not really sure what to expect. This month's cycles were nutty-with the good possibility that I did not ovulate (I've been spotting now for 4 days-no real period). My symptoms are kinda up and down...I guess that's good that they aren't constant though, right? My reflux has been pretty bad since last week...hoping maybe it's a little of the stress? So, I'm not sure what he's gonna say, do, what to do next, etc. So, we'll see.

Not much else new going on here. I've been pretty stressed out between my crazy cycle, home repairs that are NEVER ending and just busy life as usual. I've had a few mini-meltdowns this week. I just need to chill!!! I wish I could wiggle my nose and everything be done around this house!!!!


Anonymous said...

I had an anovulatory cycle last month also, this was certainly new to me. Hello, I have endo - my problem is too many periods, not an absence of them. Like you, I started to spot about a week after my period was due and then I got this very light bleed that only lasted for 1 day.

When I went to the doctor last month with my symptoms, she explained that I had an anovulatory cycle, probably due to traveling to Las Vegas about the time I should have been ovulating. She said that Jet Lag can cause anovulation. Anyway, she proscribed Provera so that I would start my period and once I got my true period – I started Clomid on day 5. By the way my doctor advised me to count any days of spotting that progressed into a true period as day 1. I ovulated on day 14 after my trigger shot on day 13. I am now in my 2 ww following my IUI on day 14.

Amanda said...

Good Luck for the appointment! Sorry to hear there is so much to do in the house - we're moving yet again in January (we only moved in here in March) and sometimes it really feels like we'll never get there!