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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day 9...and guess what?

Yep, that's right...there's that right sided lower chest pain. It's definitely my diaphragm. I went to PT today and she said that my ribs towards the bottom felt a little close together, but she dug into my diaphragm (yes, it was an uncomfy as it sounds!) and said it was "icky". YEOWZERS-no joke!!! It hasn't been awful today...just really nagging. Sometimes it causes me to be a bit short of breath-but I think that's cause I'm babying it. It also causes me upper shoulder pain/headache because I've noticed I adjust my posture to also "baby" and adapt to the pain.

She also did a rub down of my abdominal area, and, it was all stuck again-very tight and not squishy as it should be (I love her, she totally uses language I can relate to!). I could actually feel as she pushed in on my right, my left side pulling. Nice.

I hate to say this, but (knocking on WOOD), I haven't been nearly as nauseated this month. I take comfort in the relief of that symptom!!!!


ReadyGo said...

Hey! I was having crazy trouble breathing, a really tight chest, like I couldn't get enough air in. I think that's why the pulmonologist thought it might be lung related now. But he said that there's a chance an CT Scan would show excess tissue on the diaphragm, or the pluera. Apparently, thoracic endometriosis usually causes collapsed lung during menses, so I don't really wanna wait around to see if it's thoracic. If you are having lung symptoms, you should see someone about it (maybe a pulmonologist or your GYN if they're experienced with it), especially if you start having trouble breathing.

I'm so glad you have a PT who understands and can talk to you about what's going on. I'm getting a massage tomorrow, I'm gonna ask about the abdominal manipulation.

Thanks so much for your comment, and all of your input on the Lupron...I'm sure I'll be asking you all kinds of questions as I'm dealing with it. Hope you start feeling better.

Amanda said...

Sorry to hear you're struggling like this. I do think it's funny when doctors use untechnical words like that - after my lap to diagnose my endo my gp received a letter from the surgeon which included the phrase "visibility in the womb was suboptimal and the lining was fluffy". I guess there's not much else you can say to describe these things!

I do hope you start feeling a bit better soon. Thinking of you.