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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

May the fun begin

I started my Femara yesterday. I had some bloodwork and an ultrasound done on Tuesday. My cyst has grown another cm since last time...now it's 3.6*3.5. Lovely. But, we are forging ahead with the plan. We'll see how it goes! Here's the Femara protocol:

Femara, 2 a day for 5 days
On Tuesday (Dec 30th) I'm having an HSG exam (flushing of my tubes to see if they are blocked)
On Friday (Jan 2) I'll go in to have more bloodwork and a US
Then, they'll let me know when to take my trigger shot (forgot the name of it)
After the trigger shot we'll have timed intercourse (TI) and, have our 2WW!

Yada yada yada..

Aside from the HSG exam, this is what the next two months are looking like. I am VERY nervous about my exam on Tuesday-especially because of my allergies to the IV contrast. They are supposed to give me pre-medications, but, I haven't heard about anything being called in. I guess I'll have to get on to them on Monday. I hope that's long enough for pre-medications to work!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas!!!


Anonymous said...

Pre meds will prolly be something like Benadryl. Good luck, though. I really hope this helps and you concieve!

And Merry Christmas!!!

allisyn said...

My lap went as great as it could i guess...The doctor did indeed find endometriosis in there and took some out, but i'm not too sure of the details yet becausae i was still kinda drugged up when she told me..lol
Recovery is going great though. Except for last friday when i had a reaction of some kind to a meds or getting off a med (who knows). It scared me to death. But other than that recovery is going smoothly. Just having a little bit of pain when i move a certain way (my lower right back), which is weird considering that i never had pain there before the surgery. Oh, well . How have you been?How was your christmas?

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your cycle. My doc gave me the option of doing femera if my next round of clomid fails. If I choose not I'm off to the RE to start the injectables.

ReadyGo said...

Good luck Good luck!!! I hope it goes well. You'll have to keep us informed on all of the little details that goes along with this, because I'm sure I'll be dealing with it soon. :) I hope you had a Merry christmas! Happy happy New Year!