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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yeah, no test today...

It's a really, long, exhausting story. Basically, they (the clinic) dropped the ball...big time! I got a call Monday morning that the Dr. that was going to do the exam was refusing to do it because of my allergy. Yep, that's right! I talked to that office at least 6-7 times about pre-meds...and I still got canceled on. There is a lot more to the story-A LOT. I was so angry yesterday. I typed up everything that I am going to say (so I don't lose my train of thought), and I'm waiting on a call back from the office manager. She'll be back in the office on Friday. Here are all the questions I have:
  • Why weren’t my concerns/questions answered earlier?!?
  • Why did the Dr. cancel on MONDAY, the day before my procedure? Did he not know previously about the allergy? Why not? I definitely called enough times…why was this not communicated to him
  • Are there not standing orders/a protocol for what to do with patients with contrast allergies? I know our clinic does…
  • Why didn’t my Dr. write an order? It was discussed with him and his nurse (did she not communicate with him) at least 3 times before he went OOT? There were 28 days between my apt with my Dr. and the procedure…plenty of time to clear up confusions (or plan an alternative plan) long before the day before!
  • Because of the mix up, I now have to
    • wait another month for my procedure, prolonging my anxieties
    • pay some out of pocket-our insurance in 2008 would have covered the entire procedure
  • Now I am concerned about the procedure itself-
    • One Dr. seems very concerned…to the point he refused to do the procedure
    • Why the discrepancy? Is this really safe? Nurse said that the Dr. wasn’t willing to do it because of the allergy and that “this could kill me” (yes, she REALLY said that-wtf?!)
  • Is Femara+Trigger shot SAFE with not knowing for sure that my tubes are/are not blocked (esp with my endo)?


Amanda said...

Oh how awful for you! I had a surgery cancelled once because my doctor told me it was safe to continue on the mini-pill and then at the last minute the surgeon decided it was not - it throws everything out when it happens, not just the obvious things. I am thinking of you and holding good thoughts that you get some answers when you call on Friday. Especially after speaking to the nurse who doesn't sound like she was very compassionate to you!

Anonymous said...

I'm sad to hear that your doctors office is giving you the run arounds. I've been there - they turned me into a complete Bitch, but then I got results. Yes, you are right - it is totally not safe to take Femera or even get pregnant if your tubes are not clear. It could result in a tubal pregnancy.

MLO said...

I have the same problem with contrast die. Ultimately, the only for sure test is a laparascopic exploration. The alternative can give you a false "yes they are open." It happened to me and I wasted months because of that.

Good luck.