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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I had a HIDA scan this morning (I dunno what it stands for-lots of big words that mean nuclear med gallbladder scan). I was SO nervous. Wes came with me today (which, was a good thing...if they had to use some of the other meds to better see my gallbladder, I wouldn't have been able to drive-no one mentioned that when I scheduled the apt). ANYWAY, it went well-the process that is. It was LONG, really long. I had to lay on a flat table for two hours with this machine hovering over my
torso (it's not like an xray machine-the machine itself doesn't emit radiation). So, they started an IV line and injected a radioactive tracer into my blood stream. What they bind it with helps direct it where they need it to go-heart, gallbladder, etc, etc. SO COOL! So, I laid there for an hour as my liver then gall bladder took up the tracer. It was cool to watch, although, they need TV's-apparently the latest and greatest machines have DVD players. So, after an hour, then they came in and
gave me this hormone called CCK over a drip IV. It occurs naturally in the body after you eat-it causes the gallbladder to contract. So, I laid there another hour while they took pictures of my gallbladder in action. That part was a little uncomfy-it's kinda supposed to be though. Wes came in before I got the hormone, so, that was nice to have someone to chat with. I wasn't comfy enough to sleep, and, I couldn't during the 2nd hour because I was supposed to be noting symptoms.

I'll hear back sometime Friday or early next week. I should anyway-it's already read. If that turns out okay, then, I get an endoscopy, which, I wish they had just done that while I was having my colonoscopy.

Still dizzy today. It's weird...I've got like pressure between my eyes, and, they feel like they are crossing sometimes. Headache, or, just part of my dizzy spells?


Alex said...

Glad your test wasn't too horrifying of an experience. Hope you get some good results, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
About the dizzyness, I've noted that quite a bit throught my Lupron treatment, but mostly with my migraines, so I'm not sure if it was Lupron induced or migraine induced... which I guess would be Lupron induced anyway b/c thats what was making me get migraines. :/

My Endo Journey said...

Yeah, sometimes it feels like when a migraine is coming...but, the headache never happens. It's SO weird!!