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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I am so tired of feeling nauseated. This week I've developed a new lovely ill-this weird nausea that is all the way up in my throat. I feel at the same time that I've already gotten "sick" (to my stomach), and, that I still need to. But, I never have. Crazy. I've got a FU with my GI on Friday regarding the endoscopy. The results came back good-just some inflammation in my esophagus (reflux) and stomach (dunno what that's about). I'm wondering if I need my nexium adjusted? It's awful...just awful!!! And, not even related to food. Odd. Ick!

I had another manual therapy apt yesterday. They worked on my belly some more. It was crazy. They were holding two parts of my abdomen, and, had be do a pelvic tilt...my whole abdomen moved (obviously it shouldn't). Wild. Not as sore this time (although a different therapist was doing the majority of the work...she's not as tough).


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your follow up. In the mean time, maybe try some ginger tee for the sick tummy? It often helps when I feel like e things don't want to stay down. I'll be thinking about ya.

My Endo Journey said...

Yes-I've been eating ginger chews. They taste TERRIBLE...but, I think they help!!

Deb said...

How is your "cycling off" Lupron going? I had my last shot July 3 and have started to cycle off. I'm curious how things are going for you and what to expect.

My complexion has been horrible and I'm starting to feel those "pangs"/abdominal discomfort. I'm having some (but not nearly as many) hot flashes. I'm curious how long it will take to start my cycle again - and what it will be like. Just wondered if you had any insight.

FYI ... In case you're interested here's a link to a recent story about endo.

Breakthrough for millions of women suffering from endometriosis as scientists discover trigger

A painful womb condition that affects around two million British women may be triggered by an out-of-control enzyme, scientists claim.

Full Story:


My Endo Journey said...

Oh, I meant to post that article! Thank you for sharing again.

My hot flashes got worse when I came off. They are starting to get better (I've been "off" since July 25th). My stomach is tender and I've just been kind of yuck lately. I am not sure if it would have been like that on the Lupron or not. I've been going to a manual therapist, and, from their end they can tell that things are really tight in my abdomen.

Just blah. But, I am not sure that is from cycling off. Just the nature of the disease? I am not sure the Lupron worked for me as I had hoped though.

Oh, and my skin is terrible. I've never had a complexion like this before. I'm hoping that goes away...and soon.

Good luck Deb!