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Monday, May 11, 2009

Lucky number 7?

Just a quick post before I lay down for the rest of the afternoon. They were able to retrieve 7 eggs this morning, and, drain my endometrioma some to provide relief. More of a play by play later-it was an interesting morning.

Praying for my embies now...to fertilize and stay strong and healthy!!!

Nite nite!

So, for those of you that are curious, here is how our morning went. We got there at 6:30 AM sharp for my 8 AM procedure. When I finally got called back they did the usual vitals and pre-op paperwork and questioning. I wasn't as impressed with my nurse this time. I was really hoping I would get one of the others I had. Everyone was different today except the wonderful nurse who was with me in the OR, and, my Dr. of course. Everyone else was just great though. It really helps make these experiences so much better when you are surrounded by caring people.

My IV was particularly painful today, not sure why. My veins like to jump around a lot, so, that makes for fun times when it comes time to stick me. Thank goodness they have that numbing medication! The nurse anesthetist sat down and talked with me about the procedure. Much to my original dismay I was to be awake when we went into the OR. She explained that they couldn't administer any meds until the Dr. was ready to roll. They want to keep the eggs as quality as possible, so, that means the least amount of medication as possible. She also explained because of the lesser meds, whatever she was going to administer would burn. Normally they give you something to take away the burn, but, not today. She said it would burn for a minute, then, I'd be asleep. She sat there and explained all of this and held my hand. It was very sweet, and, I appreciated the play by play!

When it was finally time they rolled me back and I scooted over onto the OR table. They put these pillow case type things on my feet/legs and up in the stirrups I went. They strapped my legs into the stirrups, which, was way more comfy than it would have been in the Dr.'s office. I didn't have to concentrate on keep my legs up. They settled me in with warm blankets and sterile towels on my legs. When the time came my RE inserted the speculum, then, gave the go ahead for the meds. First they did an antibiotic which stung a second, then the realy burning stuff, which, wasn't all that bad. Then, it was nite nite time!

I was the only case of the day. Can you imagine that? Me, being the first of something good?! :) They were able to retrieve 7 eggs as previously reported and drained some off my endometrioma. I got an extra boost of pain meds in the 1st recovery then 2 oxycodone's in the step down for the cramping pain.

Just waking up from my nap now and I'm in a little bit of cramping pain again. It's not like an OMG pain, but, it's there none the less. I don't know that I was expecting that. I just thought it wouldn't feel like much. I guess they did manipulate my ovaries. And, I am taking that steroid to keep down inflammation, so, it should have clicked before ;)

I'm on medrol and teracycline (steroid and antibiotic) and start the progsterone shots this evening. I have a friend coming over to help that used to do her own Depo shots in her bum for years. My hubby wants someone to show him the ropes-he's terrified of hurting me.

I plan on going back to work tomorrow, probably a little later in the day. The Dr. said that shouldn't be a problem. Although, I hope these cramps will be gone by then. It looks like my transfer will be around Thursday or Friday if it all goes well. Which, will be fabulous because I won't have to take too much time off. I plan on really babying myself then. I've gone through too much to not.

Thanks for all of the well wishes! Now, more waiting-for phone call updates on our embryo's and for transfer day. A lot of good waiting though.

Heading back to sleepy bye again just for a bit. Then, to watch a few movies my wonderful hubby picked up for me.


JellyBelly said...

go embies go!!!!

Lou said...

Fingers crossed! Hope they continue to grow and grow!

Sending lots of good luck your way!

Alex said...

Sooooooooooooo excited for you, praying for those embies!!!

Anonymous said...

yea! 7 eggs! i'm excited to here about those embies!

Anonymous said...

i meant hear of course, not here.

Yaya said...

Oh wow, get some rest. Glad it was a productive day. (get it, productive, REproductive? I crack myself up....)

Hubby and I were JUST talking about this at dinner and I said if we move to IVF I can't work. I just can't, it's too much.

mamamarie said...

Am praying all goes well.

Anonymous said...
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Amanda said...

Glad to hear the retrieval went well am thinking of you so much at the moment x

Anonymous said...

Sending fat-embie vibes your way!