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Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 8 Stims

We went for another ultrasound this morning. Things are looking good! My endometrioma is stable, so, that was a good thing to see. I have 7 follicles on my left ovary that are 10mm+; one was measuring 30*something. The others were 19*something and 17*something. The large screen where I usually watch was broken, and, it's just hard to keep up with that many numbers. There are 5 visible follicles on my right too-none of which are to standard. I was instructed to stay with my lu.pron, menopur and gonal f dosage for this evening, and, I am due at the clinic tomorrow morning at 8 AM for another follow-up. They think we are on schedule for a Monday retrieval. I can't believe it! It seems to have gone by so quickly!

I'm feeling pretty well. Tender of course, and, after eating sometimes I feel kinda ill. Especially lunch. I don't know what the middle of the day has to do with it, but, that's that.

Still healing from my lap. My bottom two incisions are looking good-I've started using mederma on them. My belly button is touch and go; right now it's on the up and up. The upper quadrant incision I had is still giving me fits. They only used that to see if my belly button was accessible! Nothing was even done through it! Ughhh. So, still on some antibiotic cream and steroid for that. My skin around my incisions still seems kinda weak. It's dry and itches terribly. I try to keep on top of that.

Better get to bed. So much for sleeping in manana!


Mommy of a miracle said...

I hope everything goes great!
Thanks for always commenting! You're so sweet!

allisyn said...

i am so glad to hear that you are making great progress allison :)

Kelly said...

Happy to hear things are on the up and up! I looked at the Lands End site at their swimsuits and they look cute! I might have to order a couple, thanks for the suggestion!