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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Crackberry fertilization report

7 eggs retrieved

3 eggs too immature :(

4 ICSI (injected with sperm since there were so few)

3 fertilized and looking good!

What are the odds all 3 will make it? Will they freeze just 1? Keep your fingers crossed-we are going in Thursday for the transfer (day 4?!?). We'll be there at 10 am for an 1130 transfer. The plan is to transfer 2 due to my aggressive endo. I hope there will be 2 good strong ones! I'll have all weekend to rest up and nuture my embies!

Getting a little nervous now! I wish we would have some to freeze. Hopefully this will all work out and we won't have to think about what might have been!


allisyn said...

i'm so excited for you guys and keeping you in my prayers :) <3

Yaya said...

Oh good luck!!!

want2bmom said...

I only had one to freeze and it is in the freezer! So yes they will freeze one I am sure! Good Luck!

erin said...

it only takes one:)

Alex said...

So excited for you and your embies, can't wait to hear more news!!! How did the PIO shots go last night?

Anonymous said...

very exciting, you must be so nervous!

What IF? said...

I'm catching up now after being gone for a few days. 3 fertilized embies is great. Can't wait to read your next posts.