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Monday, May 4, 2009

Hello Menopur

OUCH. Yeah, that stung a bit tonight (the menopur that is)! I guess maybe because it's more fluid going in? YEOW. It was a bit unexpected. My blood work looked good, so, they bumped the Gonal F from 225 to 150 and I started on the Menopur, 75 units; Lu.pron stays at 5 units. This will be my dosages for the next two days at least. Yep, that's 3 shots! It's starting to get a little overwhelming. I'm so glad my husband is even keeled and calm! I'm not getting too hyper, but, for someone who is slightly OCD, having to check and recheck several times you are taking the right dose at the right time, etc...it gets a little hairy!

I didn't think they would ever call today! :) They called right around 3...it seemed like forever!

Still on track. Next US and BW is on Weds. I'm eager for that US, although, not looking forward to it. Does that make sense? The US usually hurts (esp with that endometrioma), but, I'm ready for a visual.

I think my hubby may have to do the menopur injection tomorrow night for me. I'm not sure I can poke myself knowing that sting is to follow!


Anonymous said...

dman, three shots? that is a bummer! i hope that endometrioma stays nice and small and doesn't interfere with anything!

Barefoot said...

Ah, the three shot nights. Always a joy. And the Menopur (I used Repronex, but same idea) does sting. I don't know why.

Good luck with your u/s! They are not comfortable, but it's pretty cool once you're stimming and you can see all of your follies puffing up.

Rae said...

Had to check in as soon as i could. Needed your crackberry on this trip bad!
Is there a time line for what happens next?
Thinking about y'all so much right now!

JellyBelly said...

so many needles! ouchie!!!

i'm so glad that i only have to get one needle (which is why it was so expensive!). i'm also grateful that our insurance covers the cost 100%. thank god! it almost cost the same as my mortgage payment!

Kischa said...

I'm happy to hear that everything is going so well. I hope you're able to keep this course ....wishing you the best.