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Saturday, May 16, 2009

The little embryo that could!

I got a call from the lab this morning with a wonderful report that my remaining embryo made it as a blastocyte and is sitting in the freezer! This is wonderful news! The embryologist was so excited for us and left the cutest message. :)

Doing well here. I think the PIO shots have turned on bitch mode. Meow-pffffffft!!! Poor hubby.

I've been pissed at my incisions today. I wonder if I need to see a wound specialist-im going to call my RE on Monday and see what's what. 3 are closed but sometimes they get these bite-like whelps around them that itch like fire. The upper incision was doing well when I was on the medrol and tetracycline a few days ago, but, now it looks like a little volcano again. It is seriously driving me mad!!! I am 2month post op!!! And now, it's making me concerned for the possible life/lives growing inside. They assured me it was only skin deep, but, I am beginning to wonder.

This is what happens when you lay around all day and have time to fester on things.


Nic said...

Great news about your embryo!!

Duck said...

WOW way to go with your embryo! That's a great sign for the ones that you transferred.
Sorry to hear about the incision, mine just healed without any kind of issues (it was itchy - but that was the healing bit) - did you have staples or stiches? I had a laparotomy (staples) and they hurt comming out but it healed.

Yaya said...

Oh the hormones. Yup, you can NO control over what you do or say when doing fertility treatments.

I'm taking this month "off" and it's amazing that I feel like 'myself' again and really realized what a monster I was on the meds!

Yay for freezing a lil guy!

Amanda said...

I cannot believe you are still having troubles with your wounds - you poor thing I can't imagine it. I had my op on Weds and mine are already healing well. I do so hope yours settle down soon.

As for the embryo - YAY - I am so happy for you! Keeping you in my thoughts.

JellyBelly said...

yay embie!!!

Jeanne said...

Yay (!) for the embryo!!

I can see why you'd be concerned about the wounds. It has been a long time. What does your doctor say now about it?

I wouldn't panic about it but I would ask, if it were me.


Anonymous said...

the first time i had a laparoscopy, when i had all the problems similar to yours, my incisions took a year to heal. congrats on the embryo!

Anonymous said...

That's great news about your embryo!!!