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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Where is my period?

So, there is no miraculous BFP (believe me, I've peed on two so far!). Where in the hay is my period? I only took BC for three days, but, I am sure that is what is throwing off my cycle. I have felt like it's going to start for over a week now though. And NOTHING. Normally I would be excited about this; this time it's just kinda stressing me out a little!

First of all, can they do the surgery while you are on your period? Second, if they can, I'm not sure I'll make it past Thursday! How could I possibly be on my period and go through the prepping hell?!? I wouldn't even be able to take my ibuprofen!

So, here I am, wondering if/when I am going to start;and wondering if this is going to affect my surgery date...

If there is not a baby in there to make itself known in the next few days, I hope it starts tomorrow so I can be past the worst of it!!!


Sonja said...

They should be able to do the surgery if you do have your period; it shouldn't be a problem for them.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there is a problem doing surgery if you're on your period. I know how you feel though - I'd prefer myself if I wasn't on my period for my surgery. I'll be cutting it rather close, too. Hope the timing works out for you!

Jeanne said...

I had a doctor who told me it's BETTER to have surgery during the period because they can see the problems areas better. So don't stress. It may be inconvenient but if they can see things better that's a good thing!


Alex said...

Yup, I concur with Jeanne- my doctor told me that too. When I had my Lap I was bleeding heavily and it was not a problem!