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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How did your incisions heal?

Cause, as far as I am concerned, this is NOT normal. I have pustules (I guess that's the right terminology) all over and around my incisions. Some are from the bandages...now they *think* (even though they haven't seen it again) that maybe I'm allergic to the glue adhesive that my incisions are closed with.

Seriously, I can't even put on a shirt or gauze to cover them now because they drive me mad with itching. So, I'm sitting around my house letting them air out with my sports bra and low slacking pants; tip toeing around, trying to make sure that my stomach area stays free and clear from anything touching it. I just might go insane.

So, they called this afternoon and said to stop the slyvadine (wouldn't you know after waiting 5 hours for them to call be back I had just put some on) and try some benedryl cream. So, I'll wait until this evening and shower, AGAIN, to get this stuff off and try that. And, try to clean it out with some hydrogen peroxide (they said to try that too).

These 4 walls are slowly closing in on me. I didn't get out and about today (see above for sports bra description, lol). Keep your fingers crossed this works.

How did your incisions do?!?!

On a positive note, I am feeling pretty fabulous pain wise. :) If I could just get dressed and go out. Damn having to wear clothes!!!


Kelly said...

I didn't have any problems healing. They had "glue" on my incisions and they would itch and looked disgusting but that's about it.

Yaya said...

Yup, mine were in horrible pain too. I got a hematoma (I never remember how to spell it)-blood clot under the skin/incision...so painful. If you're concerned just call your doc, that's why they get paid the big bucks.

My Endo Journey said...

Yeah, I should get paid the big bucks! hard to get them to understand how nasty this is without actually making them look at it. I'll humor their benedryl idea and if by Friday it's not any better, I'll just make them take a look see.

Yes, I have three hematomas...the one that doesn't have one is the most sore though. Weird, huh? Yes, I'm weird!

Anonymous said...

oh my god, for my last laparoscopy i insisted that they under no circumstances use dermaboand (which is the medical super glue) because when they used it after my first laparoscopy it ended up taking almost a year for my incisions to heal. on top of that i had what they think was some sort of allergy to adhesive or something which resulted in impetigo and folliculitis from all the scratching i was doing. ultimately i ended up with eczema, which i never had before and i still have it to this day, that laparoscopy was SIX YEARS ago. when i first had the reaction my legs were COVERED in red itchy blister things. i had to go to a dermatologist and have them biopsied to find out what was causing it. it's really only been in the last year that the folliculitis cleared up and i don't think the eczema will ever go away. that's why before when you asked if anyone had any advice for your consult i suggested that you ask them to close with steri-strips. when i had my second surgery that's what they used and they were AWESOME, my incisions healed so well, it was unbelievable, my scars are minuscule. i doubt you'll end up going through all the crap that i did, but if you are having any sort of problem i would definitely insist on seeing the doctor or at least a nurse.

Alex said...

Yup, that's EXACTLY what happened to me, turns out I was allergic to the glue. I tried every kind/strength of anti-itch cream out there and nothing helped. The rash spread to all 4 incisions, across my entire belly and down my legs. When I told my doc he had me come right in and just about had a cow... he'd never seen that before and my case was rather sever for an allergic reaction. I was put on steroids and antibiotics (my bellybutton was oozing yellow stuff) and advised to soak in warm epsom salt every day and try to slowly peel the stuff off... it took about 3 weeks before I finally got it all of and my side incisions split open! :( I'm soooooooooooooo sorry this is happening to you. I was miserable for weeks... Have you shown this to your doc? When is your post-op? Try ice when you can and let it air out as much as you possibly can... it won't make it go away, but it may help some. Good luck!!! (((Hugs)))

Amanda said...

Oh you poor thing it looks and sounds so painful and irritating! They used stitches for my laparoscopy (I don't think the NHS really uses glue that much seen as though they have to pay for it and funding is never enough over here). I had problems though because after having the big stitch that held it all together out the little ones were supposed to dissolve and didn't... so they started to get infected - my mum wanted me to go see the nurse but she'd made a mess of taking mi first stitch out so I decided to do it myself in the bathroom with nail scissors lol - I was glad to get them out because then my wounds could finish healing properly. You have to be so careful and I'm so sorry you're having a bad reaction and can do nothing about it really apart from ease the symptoms. I hope things start to settle soon - thinking of you lots.

What IF? said...

It seems I got lucky, because they used the steri-strips on me, not the glue. I'm really sorry that you are suffering with this allergic reaction in addition to having the post-op pain. Hang in there.

Btw, I'm glad my IVF journey is giving you a glimpse into the future. Hopefully things will go smoother for you from here on out! I always appreciate the comments you leave on my blog. Thank you for stopping by tonight!