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Sunday, March 22, 2009


So, the gas. Did it ever settle right into your chest? This is quite unbearable at times...I'd rather it be stabbing my shoulder. I feel like someone is sitting right on top of my sternum. OUT...OFF...OUT!!!!! Last time it only lasted a day.

Oh, another fun tidbit-I was allergic to the bandages used; and the bandaids we used at home (apparently I need to add latex to my allergy list). Let me tell you, paper tape doesn't do crap at holding up gauze! Trying to keep the incisions all covered up has become a rather difficult task. I got some prescription ointment for the itching...

I thought I was feeling good and cut my pain meds to 1/2, but, I think that was a little premature. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow.


Yaya said...

Oh that gas is a killer. Hate it. :(
And allergic to the bandages? Yikes.
Get some rest. And enjoy the codine while ya can. ;)

Kelly said...

The gas was the worst! It takes a couple days and it gets better. It settled in my right shoulder and arm. Take the drugs they gave you! Rest lots, but move around every now and then!

allisyn said...

oh allison, i'm so sorry that the gas is giving you a hard time (to say the least). I remember that feeling and it is horrible! hope it goes away soon.....by the way, i'm feeling awesome today, in fact i should be blogging about it very soon :) get lots of rest and focus on positive thoughts!


Christa said...

Yea, the gas went all the way up and down one side of my body. I even called my OB about it and he said it's normal. I'm so sorry, I think that it was the worse part about the surgery. It will end though!

Alex said...

Yup, my gas pains were like that too... any time I even tried to lay back/down it felt like I had an elephant on my chest and it was excruciatingly painful to breathe... I'm so sorry!!! Have you tried a heating pad? That helped me tremendously!!!
Coincidentally, I had an allergic reaction to the surgical glue AND the bandages they used too! I tried the paper tape to hold the gauze on but that didn't work very well either. In the end I had to take steroids to make the rash go away, it was awful!!! I hope yours clears up quickly!!! Are they allowing you to use hydrocortisone cream on it? Good luck and hope to hear some good news soon!!!

Jeanne said...

Holy cow. It's 2009... I can't believe you're having that much trouble with the gas. I had that with my first 2 or 3 laps in the early 1990s but it's gotten better and better since then (7 surgeries, 6 of which used gas).

I thought they had all-but-perfected removing the gas. I'm so sorry! I know how much that hurts. :(

The 1st lap I had I thought I was having a heart attack. I called the office and they told me it was "normal". Gee, if it's so normal, wouldn't you think they'd warn a 1st time lap patient??

I am allergic to latex too. There are latex free bandages available at just about any grocery store. You do not need to get by with paper tape.

The only time I have to suffer with that near-useless paper tape is when I go get labwork done. God forbid the lab stock latex-free bandages with oodles of latex-allergic patients out there.

You just need some latex-free bandaids.


P.S. Make sure you tell all doctors AND dentists about the latex allergy. They'll need to use latex-free gloves. Anytime you're in hospital, they'll put huge "latex precautions" signs on your room.

Kischa said...

Oh my, I'm trying to catch up. I've been on vacation.

I'm so glad that you didn't have to have the resection. Just relax and enjoy those pain meds, don't rush.

Amanda said...

Oh I'm sorry the gas is giving you such a hard time - and as for the latex allergy, well I hope it clears up soon because that just sounds horrible!

Thinking of you xx