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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Achy, breaky and itchy!

Just a quick update here. Beginning to be more sore than before. Now that the gas is minimal, it's left focus downward. I went to the Dr. yesterday because of a suspected UTI. All was well, but, man it stings a bit! They said with the stents placed during the procedure, it could for a while. I'm still spotty with my urine too. There was a little blood detected in the urine on my tests, but, there was no suspicion of bleeding with my blood draw (and no infection), so, they think it's just leftover from the procedure. Going to keep an eye on things and drinking TONS of cranberry juice!

My poor incisions are going to drive me mad. They cleaned them some yesterday at the office, particularly the one in my belly button. They are so gross, especially with all the irritation around them. How long do the incisions ooze? Sorry, that is such a gross word! They look so awful :( Benedryl has been my sleepy little friend the past two days!!! I've got an ointment called Sylvadine to put on the incisions, and, that helps too. I am covering them with "apron" dressings...gauze placed with adhesive at the top but not on the side and bottoms-to let them breathe. My shirt irritates them, so, I had to put something on them! I remember having a hard time with my incisions last time, and then there were only two. Double the trouble this time.

Gas has finally lifted most of it's misery. It's still a LITTLE in my shoulders, but, nothing unbearable. My right side is terribly sore-in the area of that ovary they worked so hard on. The bruising has started to surface on all but one of the incision areas. I look like I got in a fight! :)

So, slowly on the mend. I thought about going to work at the end of this week, but, I am thinking more on the side of not doing that and just laying low the rest of the week. I've been getting up and doing small things like walking around the grocery store and wally world. I just don't want to push myself. I am going to try again cutting back to 1/2 the pain pills. I hate having to take them...but, won't cut them out completely.

Back to chilling with the family. :)


Alex said...

Oh wow, that sounds so much like my experience, my heart is breaking for you!!! They cleaned my bellybutton out with this stuff that burned and turned it black for weeks!!! What a pain, I'm sorry they are giving you such a fit, but Silvadine is good stuff, I used it on a post-op wound (foot) last year and it was great! Hope every days gets a little better, and don't push yourself too hard (especially regarding work if you can help it!) you'll heal quicker if you take it easy! I stayed home a week and then went back part time the first week back and it was still sooooo hard. :( Good luck and thanks for the updates!

Anonymous said...

oh my god, the thought of having a uti while recovering from surgery almost made me pass out. i hope your poor belly gets better soon, yours looked WAY worse than mine did after my last surgery.

ReadyGo said...

Poor, poor girl! I'm sorry you're having trouble still, but hopefully soon it will start to look up. Seriously, the idea of UTI pain on top of surgery pain sounds awful. GET BETTER!!!! :)

Amanda said...

I'm sorry to hear the wounds are so sore and itchy, that's something you really don't want on top of everything else - same with the painful peeing. Glad the gas is minimal now though and you're starting to become a bit more active. Take care and don't rush things, like returning to work and dropping the pain meds too quickly. Thinking of you x

Anonymous said...

Just take care of yourself and don't push it! Take it easy. You don't want to over extend yourself, that can cause your body to not heal as properly.

Don't worry about work right now and just focus on healing and relaxing.

Hope your recovery starts taking a turn for the better.