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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Take One

That appointment made me a nervous wreck. It took forever. I must admit we were warned by the office, and, I get that since it's a surgery center. So, we were a bit prepared for that. Then they didn't have the information from my RE about WHY he was going into surgery with her (he just didn't have the whole story). GREAT!!!! Seriously? So, the GI called upstairs and got them and reviewed them with me. He went over all the just in case scenarios (resection, colostomy, etc) and the risks. But he did say that in the past two years, he's only had to re-sect one or two patients with endo (he's done endo surgeries, but, that's all he's had to re-sect). And, he reiterated his role as being there just in case the need were to arise.

I have to start my colon prep at 10 AM the day before surgery (Go-lytely)...and I have to take hard core antibiotics with the prep to kill what bacteria is left. I have to take these pills 3 times that day (4 pills at a time I believe)! He said to take as much as I could and warned that I could get sick to my stomach because of the addition of the antibiotics. I asked them how sick is too sick, and when do I know when to stop?!?! There really wasn't an answer to that...I guess we'll just have to call during the day if it gets too bad. This is all prep for IF they have to go in and do anything to the colon-help prevent infection, etc. I understand the rationale behind it, but, it is going to SUCK...hands down. Obviously I can't have anything solid that day-all clear liquids until midnight. I'll be BEGGING for the IV by the next morning!!!! I'm so thankful that I am scheduled first that day!

I just want this done and on the road to recovery!!! I was hoping that this appointment would help to settle my nerves, but, I am not quite sure that was accomplished. I am so thankful that there will be someone on hand if needed, don't get me wrong. But, just thinking about what is to come next Thursday is not pleasant. But, I just need to let it roll and enjoy the next week and gain my composure to focus on healing after the surgery. I am TRYING really hard to stay in that mindset.

Thank you all for your kind words on my previous post!



Christa said...

It's weird that only one or two of his patients have ever been endo patients, since IBS is one of the leading symptoms with endo. I'm sorry the day was so frustrating!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully he won't be needed in the operation room. Those bowl preps are hard enough alone without adding antibiotics, but I've had to do it. Just keep pushing clear fluids since he's allowing that! Ask if they can prescribe you some anti-nausea meds. My doc does and it makes the process sooooo much easier. You take them before you start the whole process.

My Endo Journey said...

No, I meant 1 or two OF his endo patients have had to have a resection...

Thanks for the anti-nausea advice endochick!!!

Sew said...

I had a double bowel resection due to endo! It was horrible! :) Believe it or not my stage IV endo was removed with no problem. No more period pain AT ALL. I am left with one angry bowel that has more mood swings than I do.

I hope you don't need the resection! It is NO fun and I am 5 months post op!

Alex said...

Ugh, no fun... but hopefully they won't have to do a resection... I'll keep praying for ya!

Anonymous said...

yuck, surgery, i hate it, but i hope yours goes well, good luck!

Anonymous said...

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Sew said...

Me again!

What is interesting to follow up on Dee-Dee's comment. I am using Naprotechnology/Creighton Fertility Care as well to cure my infertility and track my cycles. It is what finally diagnosed me after 3 years of a looser OBGYN who told me I didn't have it.

The endo was removed and the pain is gone. But my headaches and hormones are just as messed up as when I had the endo and I never even knew. The endo was masking my cycles to look somewhat normal, but when removed oh.my.gosh! My cycle is on crack and my hormones are messed up!

I also thought my headaches were sugar withdrawal headaches. ??? I don't even eat a lot of sugar either.

Anyway, I am learning that low progesterone is a culprit in PMS symptoms. Unfortunately, I feel like I need to suck on progesterone all day to hopefully relieve some of these symptoms! :) hehehe

For your bowel prep take some desitin or some heavy cream for you hinney! I would put the cream on first before anything has a chance to escape! My hinney was so raw, I cried! It will help when feel like your bed is a boat to mexico! Oh my gosh! Honey, if all you need is a lap the bowel prep is the worst part! Happy enema! ;)

Kischa said...

I wish you the best with your up coming surgery, as you know my story is much like Sew's. I had Stage IV - w/ the double bowel resection. I pray you won't need one - it's been a year and I'm still trying to get it together.

The good news is - the surgery works miracles for the endo - I have no endo pain, symptoms or problems other wise.