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Monday, March 30, 2009

Or Impetigo?!

So, I went to the RE today for a follow-up. Man, my Dr. is missing all the action! Apparently she's been in Disney World. The guy I've been seen has been great though. It was the same one that I saw last Monday, and, he was floored at my stomach. It's 100% worse that it was than when I saw him last week. He immediately got in touch with a dermatologist and whisked us away to meet with him. He said that it didn't look like typical cellulitis, but, that it was definitely infected and out of control.

The dermatologist was very kind and considerate...and empathetic of my madness. He said his opinion was that it is more impetigo. He prescribed a steroid cream, an oral steroid, and wants me to continue the antibiotic and antibiotic cream. I took the steroid and put the steroid cream on as soon as I got them from the pharmacy, and it's already feeling better. It's not looking better, but, I'm not going quite as insane. It's starting to be a little painful since it's drying up and such now. I've been laying pretty still and low as to not irritate things. I am hopeful that things will start looking up soon! And start healing! Please keep sending those good thoughts and prayers my way! They suggested not going to work until at least Weds or Thursday, depending on how things are healing up.

Here's a little excerpt on impetigo if you are interested. VERY similar to cellulitis, except not as likely to enter the blood stream (yes, cause that would be bad!!! We don't want that!!!). And, it's contagious...which, would explain why I have hives all over now!!!


Yaya said...

Oh no. It's gotten worse?? Yikes. I hope it goes away soon.

What IF? said...

Man, I'm learning a new word every day by following your blog! So very sorry to hear you have hives all over now. Someone, make it stop!

Alex said...

Sooooooo glad they have you on the steroids, that made a HUGE difference for me. Unfortunately it still took a few weeks to clear up, but with the prednisone and antibiotics I started getting some relief quickly. Keep airing it as much as you can, and ice packs seemed to help me when it got to be unbearable. Good luck hun!!!

ReadyGo said...

Sheesh, I hate to say it, but you're more of a wreck than I am right now (meant in the nicest way possible!!!) You're dealing with it all like a champion, I'm so impressed. I hope you start to feel better now that you're on some good solid drugs. Feel Better!!!

Kischa said...

Oh my, I hope this new medicine helps ~ you're handling this well, I would have been freaking out.

I will certainly keep you in my prayers.