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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Prep options?

More on my pre-op later...
Has anyone done the Miralax/dulcolax colon prep versus the go-lytely? I was presented that option today, and, with my gag reflux and potential ills with the antibiotic, I'm seriously considering the miralax route.

What do you know/think? I just want to make sure it works as well.



Sonja said...

I've heard horrible things about the go lytely on my hyst boards. I have not personally done it.

Here's some tips that I followed (not to a T, but it made it way easier than the first one I did with no tips) with my last prep:


Alex said...

My doctor let me do the Dulcolax thing on 2 conditions: A) I had to be on a clear liquid diet the whole day of the prep and after I was "done" I was to follow it all up with a Fleet enema before bed. I did it and honestly it wasn't even that bad! Seriously, the fact that I'd had nothing but gatorade and broth all day made things soooooooooooo much easier and the enema (while not my favorite thing in the world) was way easier than I was expecting! Hope that helps! :)

Anonymous said...

I did dulcolax and magnesium citrate, but my doc gave me a patch that I put behind my ear that helped with the sickies. Never did the miralax. I take miralax at night. How much miralax does he have you take?

517Butterfly said...

I hate swallowing that many pills so I went with the half-lyte (go-lyte, whatever). It wasn't too bad. I mixed it and got it really cold which made it go down a lot easier! I had to do half-gal of half-lyte and half-gal of other clear liquids. So basically I chased one glass of the half-lyte with one glass of sprite. I did have to take 4 dulcolax pills to get things started and I had the worst cramps ever so I can't imagine talking only those pills.

Jeanne said...

Sorry our conversation re: this took place in email. Any chance you could post what I emailed you here? Pressed for time right now but I have done 6 bowel preps so people might be helped by hearing my story.

If she doesn't get a chance to post it and you are reading this with bowel prep questions, let me know and I'll try to recap when I have more time. I think I've done them all except the miralax/Gatorade route my gastro wants me to do for my 4/3 colonoscopy that I haven't had time to blog about yet because Endo Awareness Month is consuming every ounce of energy I have.

Good luck on your surgery!!


Jeanne said...

Holy cow! Tonight I did the prep using blue Gatorade, Miralax, and 4 Dulcolax tablets (my doctor skipped the citrate of magnesia with it in my case... contraindicated).

Holy cow! This is so much better than Golytely. Amazing. I'll be blogging about it. I'm just thrilled I'm not spending 100% of the night in the bathroom like I expected.