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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pre-op stuff from yesterday

Whew. I'm ready for Friday afternoon-for the healing to begin and for us to move forward with whatever steps are next. We covered a LOT yesterday in the pre-op. It was good though, and, I am all about them being so prepared!!!! We talked about if she got in there and things were so bad off they needed to be removed (tubes, ovaries, colon parts etc) and the scenario's in which she would do so. They are also doing something different this time with my ureters (the things that connect your kidneys and bladder)-I am having a urologist come in and place some stints on my ureters to basically light them up during surgery. That way, if adhesions are thick and difficult to navigate, they'll be able to keep things simplistic and to avoid injuring those. So, that
takes about 45 minutes at the beginning of the procedure. She said her and the GI's part should take about 2 hours. So, a total of a 3 hour surgery. Icky. It'll all start around 8:30 AM; we have to be there at 6:30 to get the IV fluids, antibiotics and versed going (hoooray for versed!!!). Healing time and hospital stay is all dependent on what they do when they get in there. Best case scenario and the goal of the surgery is to simply remove the endometrioma, endometriosis and check my tubes. Please keep your prayers up that things stay nice and simple! :)

I also had to get blood drawn yesterday to get my type, just in case they needed to do any transfusions. Very rare, but, again, proactive! I've got this fashionable little bracelet on now that I can't remove so they know how to match me. Craziness.

If everything goes nice and simple, we are looking at starting fertility drugs for IVF towards the end of April, with egg retrieval sometime in May. I'm going to be on something called Aygestin (which, I am not sure so that isn't what gives me the weird migraines, but, we'll try it) until then to help stave off the endo.

Oh, my prep for tomorrow has been amended. I'm now taking a miralax prep (someone asked me how much miralax-238 g-a whole bottle!)-mix with gatorade instead of the go-lytley. It should taste WAY better...which is good for me and my gag reflex. And, I don't start that regimen until around 4 (which, could be good or bad, lol...depending on how fast it all works). Still on with the antibiotics regimen. The Dr. yesterday said to do the best I could with those and that she'd be starting an antibiotic right away when I got my IV the next day, so...just to try but not to make myself too sick.

Oh, and I am on my period and cramping. She wrote a prescricption for narcotics if I need them pre surgery since I can't take ibuprofen. I'm SOOOOO ready for this to be past me!!! She also wrote a prescription for post surgery stuff and I have that at home ready and waiting!

Please send some prayers our way. I need them! My nerves need them ;)

And thank you all for your suggestions on questions to ask. They were quite helpful!


allisyn said...

wow, it sure sounds like you have an awesome doctor :) i'm definitley praying for you allison! hope your surgery goes well and that you have a quick recovery !

Yaya said...

I would soooooo take the narcotics. I am not good w/ surgery. And don't you hate the pre-op when you have to sign your life over? It always freaks me out a bit.
Good luck, I'll be thinking of you!

Alex said...

Aygestin is what gave me horrible migraines :( You were probably already on it during Lupron though, it's what they give you as add-back therapy, norethinodrone acetate. I LOVE aygestin as far as what it does for my Endo symptoms, it's the only thing that keeps the crazy bleeding away and helps so-o much with the pain... I just wish it didn't give me those horrible migraines... good luck with that, I hope it works for you! Looks like you have some great docs that have a gameplan!!! Glad you got out of the go-lytel!!! I'm keeping you in my prayers girly!!! Here's for success and a BFP really soon!!!

Heather said...

We're sending lots of prayers your way! Sounds like you got your questions answered and are ready as you can be :) Of course, you'll feel much better after the versed!

ReadyGo said...

oh lots and lots of positive thoughts and prayers for you! I'm so glad that you're going in to get all of this taken care of and the healing started. Just try to be as positive as you can, and remember to attempt to get up and move around as much as possible after the surgery (within reason) so that the gas gets moving quickly!!! :) I hate hate hate that shoulder pain.

Good luck, I'll be watching for results!

Erika said...

Sending prayers your way for a through surgery and quick recovery... best of luck!

Amanda said...

It sounds like your pre-op went as well as it could in regards to preparing you for what could happen which is great!

I am thinking of you so much right now and keeping you in my prayers for the best outcome possible.

Kelly said...

Good Luck! Here's hoping that everything goes well and that your recovery is quick!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like they're pretty prepared. I hope it goes well - I'll be thinking about you :).