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Friday, March 27, 2009

The not so angry rash

So, the rash is under control, and not so angry anymore. Benedryl has been doing wonders, believe it or not. It's still there, but not as red and inflamed as it once had been. And definitely not as itchy!!! Still keeping an eye on things and I am supposed to call if it starts rearing it's head again. Keep your fingers crossed!

Doing pretty well pain wise. I've got myself on tylenol now. The biggest thing that bothers me is wearing pants. 3 out of 4 incisions are right on my pant waist line. I am not sure how work will work out next week. Sitting up for 8 straight hours AND wearing pants? I hope it goes well!!! Luckily I can wear scrubs, so, I went and bought 2 pairs of bottoms 1 size too big. I figured that and dresses/stretchy skirts will get me by. Any other tips?!?!?

Today's confession:
I'm watching sixteen candles for the first time ever. Hehe.

Okay, Sixteen candles was great! And, I think I counted my chickens before they hatched...angry rash apparently doesn't like clothes. And, it's either allergies or a cold, but, it better go away too! We'll see how this goes...


Anonymous said...

sixteen candles first time ever? now THAT is unbelievable. godd luck with the whole work/pants situation, unfortunately i have no advice to give about that.

Kischa said...

I'm with Katery, I can't believe you've never seen sixteen candles! I glad to see you're getting better - I would have been so freaked out if that had happened to me.

Kelly said...

Now you have to watch The Breakfast Club. Sorry to hear about the rash.

My Endo Journey said...

I've seen the breakfast club ;) I was told now I have to watch "Sweet Valley"? I grew up in germany....that's an excuse, right?!?!

Jeanne said...

I'm glad the rash has shown some improvement with the Benadryl. I am taking Benadryl myself right now after yet another failed attempt at wearing my CPAP headgear for my sleep apnea. It would be nice to wear it without reacting to the latex-free, PVC-free, “safe” material it's made out of -- since CPAP does little things like, umm, help me keep breathing! (Graphic warning: Apparently the latest engineering attempt my hubby and I made rigging the headgear to be “safe” failed again because I feel like I have an axe stuck in the back of my head). Sorry to be so graphic but no better way to explain this unspeakable pain... Every spot where the headgear came remotely close to touching my head (the biggest part being down the center of the back of my head) has sores and lumps. That's WITH barrier material to try to prevent a reaction.

Anyway, I highly advise against wearing pants if you can possibly help it. With those pictures you showed, I'm amazed you could even get them on at all... let alone keep wearing them. Nightgowns and dresses are your friends now.

That whole deal where doctors try sending women back to work right after laps (when something as simple as being able to wear pants is in question) just boggles my mind. I'm sorry you even have to think about that.

With all of the work they did in your surgery, they have you scheduled to return to work next week??? Has your doctor SEEN your incision sites since the surgery?

When is your post-op appointment? (By the way, I always urge people to get a copy of their operative report after each surgery). You just sign a release form to get it. (Some places may charge you for copies). The maximum per page amount in my state is $0.75 (last I knew, anyway). Most lap reports are 1-3 pages long.

I'm glad you can wear scrubs. That may come in handy.

On to skin issues…

This is important: my dermatologist taught me to always wash new clothes a bunch of times before wearing them because clothing factories typically soak garments in chemicals (like formaldehyde as one example) before shipping them out for sale. So really wash those scrubs… especially if they are the dark blue kind (blue dye is a pretty common allergen, from what I understand. I have an allergy to it).

That means that your already-very-upset skin could get more upset if you don't wash that nasty stuff off. However, don't wash with just anything. Because your latex allergy is so severe, I would suggest washing your clothes with what I use: Dreft detergent (the grocery store has it but Target’s generic type of it is cheaper).

You don't want anything aggravating those sores! (Trust me, the chemicals in question can irritate your skin very easily right through any underwear or other thin barrier (band-aids), etc. You do NOT want bad chemicals on those sores!

Another thing you can do is throw some baking soda in your washing machine. Oh... and whatever you do, don't use fabric softener!!

Fabric softeners can contain harmful toxic chemicals such as carcinogens (not healthy for anyone). You don't want to go there…

Now that you know you're allergic to latex, you may find your skin is more sensitive to other things too. Latex was one of my first skin reaction items.

If you can get by with dresses for awhile, I would try. Eight hours is a LONG time in pants for you now, I'm guessing! The stretchy skirt would probably still lie right on sores, no?

I saw 16 candles back when I was in high school and I'm 40 now. So I don't remember which Molly Ringwald movie it is. The one with Annie Potts working at a record store? With that guy Ducky? Or was that the "Pretty in Pink" Molly movie? Too long ago to remember… a lifetime ago, it seems.

No need for confession! You were just too young to see it back when I did. :) You're still a young 'un!

If you're having trouble tolerating clothes now, start planning for next week... will you be able to wear dresses? Will you call in? Are you scheduled to work a full week??

The rash you showed on those pictures didn't look like it would heal up quickly. I would prepare yourself now... Do what you have to do. You only get one body!

If you haven’t been seen by your doc, I wouldn’t be shy about calling them to tell them how the incisions are so red!!! Yes, it looks like an allergic reaction. HOWEVER, what if you have an infection too? You just don’t know. I’ve had several local endo patients get post-op infections. You just never know!

I would highly recommend investing in some Dreft for washing ANY clothes you are wearing now… especially any that rest there. You do NOT want to aggravate that rash further. Been there, done that.

Jeanne said...

I know you're at the ER now. I'm thinking of you!