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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I've spent the past week or so fighting pretty extreme exhaustion. I continued my workouts, work, and plugged along all sleepy eyed. This afternoon I had an appointment with my GI, and afterwards, I came home and slipped into comfy clothes and found myself on our couch, where I am now typing this blog. All lazy and apathetic to the fact that I really need to go to the grocery store-I have decided that I am not going to move much from my claimed spot this evening. My exhaustion has won, and, for this evening, I’ll just let it. Tomorrow is another day, and chores can wait until then. Working out REALLY helps me I’ve found. No way I’m leaving this couch for that today though.

*Side note-shooting sciatic type pain is gone today-so far!

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Anonymous said...

I share the exhaustion... since the Lupron, it's been terrible, but I also think it's from my dietary issues. For weeks before I started the Lupron (and before my colonoscopy) I've had such awful stomach trouble. It seems like everything I eat, with the exception of Asian food for some reason, causes intestinal cramping (a clenching and releasing feeling under my left rib) or loose bowel movements. For weeks I survived on crackers and other bland, dry things. Right after the colonoscopy I felt better for 2 weeks, and then the cramping, loose bowels, and pains returned. I have started noticing bone pain, particularly in my wrists, shins, and fingers.