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Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend recap

We were OOT again this weekend, and, I'm EXHAUSTED. I have noticed being tired a LOT lately. Like, I can't wake up sometimes tired. Interesting how your body misses those hormones. My mood has been pretty bad. I just kind of SNAP sometimes-pretty crazy. I about went apesh*t over a puddle and my heels on Saturday on the way to the wedding we were going to. My (poor) husband is usually the one who has to deal with these swings. I do find that working out helps with these swings-it helped a lot today.

I also started a new symptom this weekend-a shooting pain from my left butt cheek all the way down my leg; like, a stabbing pain. Quite uncomfortable I must say. Anyone else had these problems? The symtoms mimic sciatic nerve issues. I'll wait it out this week unless things get worse. It's not a constant pain, more on and off. DEFINITELY worsened by sitting or laying down. Which, stinks, how do you get comfortable?!

Also, dizzy this evening. May have to do with the Zyrtec I took a little while ago.


Lupron Journal said...

Zyrtec has been known to make me dizzy and sleepy until I adjusted to it. I don't take it too often but I do remember when I first did. I had to lie down!

It's my understanding that the initial surge was supposed to happen about two weeks after the first shot and diminish right around the second. Of course, nothing has been status quo with me so I'm just hoping for the best!

Lupron Journal said...

I forgot to mention that I get that leg pain frequently, especially when I lie down. If I put a really squishy pillow under my knee, it seems to help.