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Thursday, April 17, 2008

And I do mean FOUL!

I seem to be okay at work (maybe it's because you are supposed to maintain that check of professionalism), but man do I unleash the beast when I get home. My poor, poor, poor husband. Although the Dr.'s were sure that he was just as informed as I was, who could ever prepare for such moodiness?! I am SO glad he is here though, because no matter how pissed I am getting, he eventually makes me crack a smile and chill for a bit. At any rate, these emotions need to stay in check. I think working out is helping. We didn't go today, and I can feel the build-up. I'm going to go clean out my car to get some of this pent up "energy" out.

I started spotting again today too. Oh fun. Is this the period I should have been expecting, or, will it just be more random lightness? I'd prefer the latter obviously.

Next week I have a check up with the GI, then I think in a little less than 2 weeks it's time for shot 2. I must say I am nervous about the 2nd one coming up again. Is there another surge in estrogen? I suppose not...that's why you are supposed to get them within a month of each other-to maintain the drug in your system? Here's to hoping for the best though!!!

I'm off to "run" this wild child inside of me out-eeeeeeeeeeeek. Sometimes I just feel a bit on the "crazy" side. Not fun times. Definitely tolerable though (or so I say, should we ask the gentleman of the household? Nahhhhhhhhhh).

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Lupron Journal said...

I think you make an excellent point about trying to figure out which side effect is from what drug. Can you let me know which drug you are on for your migraines? I think I might be finally adjusting to the Fioricet. I also just posted a couple of links for other doctors you might find interesting. Might be worth giving a laparo another chance before the Hysterectomy? There is also one doctor who would be willing to do a record review, which might provide some hope.