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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Green Smoothie

I have heard about these from my SIL and friends...and I'm finally going to try one...THIS WEEK! I just found a recipes to try. I think this is going to be a our breakfast Sat AM. I'll need a new blender if I really get into this. But hey, I'll take the extra energy and healthy benefits they boast!

I got the following suggestions from the Happy Foody Blog (link to the right). I'm also going to add 2 green smoothie sites I've recently found.

All you need is a blender. Add the ingredients, and add water to the thickness you want (usually about 2 cups)….and blend until REALLY smooth. I know you’ll be amazed at how yummy these are…but if you need it sweeter, just up the quantity of fruit.

Here are a few smoothie recipes to get you started:

2 large mangos
1 bunch parsley

6 peaches
2 handfuls of spinach leaves

2 mangos
1 handful of lambs quarters, stinging nettles, purslane, etc

1-cup strawberries
2 bananas
1/2 bunch romaine

4 apples
1/2 lemon juice
4-5 leaves of kale

4 very ripe kiwis
1 ripe banana
3 stalks of celery

4 ripe pears
4-5 leaves of kale
1/2 bunch of mint

Finger banana-spinach
10 finger-bananas
2 handfuls of spinach leaves

Bosc pear-raspberry-kale
3 bosc pears
1 handful of raspberries
4-5 leaves of kale

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