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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Another thing to mention

Also having random left wrist pain-started at dinner tonight. I barely touched my wrist with my other hand, and a sudden, quick surge of pain. It is a little "sore" tonight-like, a pinch of some sort.

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Lupron Journal said...

I have that pleurisy-type pain too and have had it for years. I've had bouts of pneumonia and bronchitis in the past so I thought maybe it was from that. You could be right; perhaps it is some kind of immuno response.

The side pain I am having now... it's on the left just below the rib cage. This is new to me. I wasn't sure if it were a pancreatic reaction or my diaphragm? Kinda guessing myself.

How you are describing your wrist pain sounds exactly like that fleeting side pain I had on both sides one morning when I woke up. So bizarre.

Again, I'm sorry either of us is going through this, but at least it's like a sanity check when someone else experiences something similar.

Hope you all had a wonderful date night despite everything else.

Stay strong! :-)