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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

GI Follow-up Yesterday

I forgot to post yesterday about my GI visit. It went pretty well, and, he cut me off into the wild. Ha, okay, not into the wild, but, I am following up in a few months by telephone. My heartburn-well, we are still hoping it's something short term. I know for a FACT it was caused by the meds from my PCP. That still infuriates me! ANYWHO, he gave me a year's prescription for Nexium. But, he only wants me to take it for the next 2 months straight, and, follow-up with a call about how things are going when I stop the meds.

They H-pylori test came back negative. I mean, THANK GOODNESS! I've been on enough antibiotics for it to be. WHEW. Insert sigh of relief here.

I finally got to talk with him about my colonoscopy. He said that the sigmoid portion of my colon was like a road with some road hazards. It was difficult to navigate the scope through, and, apparently very tense (as opposed to the rest that was relaxed?). This makes sense now, with the CT results back a few months ago that suggested colitis-it was all endometriosis causing the inflammation and "YUCKS". He biopsied all the places where there was indentation, and, thankfully it all came back negative. He said that at some point I might need a resection if problems resurface and worsen, but, nothing needs to be done now. Hopefully the Lupron will give my colon a break and some of those darned adhesions will "die" off. My care concerning this is turned over to my GYN, since the GI isn't really up on endo stuff. They've been amazing, and, I'm thankful that I have someone to turn to if the need ever arises in the future. The whole practice is so warm and friendly, and so knowledgeable. I'm SO glad that I was able to find them!

So, that's about it. A good report, and, nothing really we didn't know before. It was interesting to hear him describe the inside-makes sense why I was so sick, and why still when I am "full", I get that not so fun feeling.

Today has been a pretty good day. Horrid headache surfaced this afternoon, but, I'm pretty sure it was sinus related. My "allergies" have really flared up this week. I can't wait to breathe out of both nostrils again! Pains in my fingers (3) and some heartburn (2).

Looking forward to the weekend here. Although, it's supposed to rain, AGAIN. I know we need it, but why always on Saturday and Sunday? Our yard is SO neglected. Next week my mom and grandmother are coming for a visit. I can't wait! Next week is shot #2 as well. Keep your fingers crossed! I'm getting a little nervous again....


deirdre said...

Have you heard of the ERC, Endometriosis Research Center? or of excision surgery? Might be the thing to help you, Lupron can be very problematic. check out centerforendo.com, endoexcision.com, endometriosissurgeon.com and google the ERC (yahoo)

obgyn.net also has an endo board

azylee said...
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azylee said...

For the allergies, you may want to try sleeping with a humidifier. That has helped me breathe a little better at night.

My Endo Journey said...

We need to plug ours in-thanks for the reminder Amy! I think I'll hook that up tonight!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and wanted to faint when I read this entry!
I was in the hospital about 6+ months ago for abdominal pain and after a CT Scan was told that I may have colitis due to some inflammation in the recto-sigmoid colon..
A few months ago I was finally diagnosed with endometriosis after MANY months of being told the pain was all in my head, or purely intestinal. My doctor doesn't believe there is ANY type of links between endo and intestinal upsets so he brushed me off when I approached him with the results of my CT Scan.

I'm terribly sorry that you are going through this horrible disease but it is comforting to know that I'm not the only one being affected like this!