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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend Recap

Had a pretty good weekend overall. I've been having these random headaches. The pain shoots up from the back of my head, hurts for about 3-5 minutes, then goes away. Sometimes this happens in clusters of 2-3 headaches, sometimes it's just once. I haven't noticed a pattern yet. When they come on though, man, they are intense (6-7) and sharp-almost makes me gasp it's so sudden. Crazy.

My sciatic pain (plus a little in the shins) is back too (ranges from 2-6)-we've been really active this weekend, so, I'm sure that doesn't help. When we got married in Oct. 06, we must have had some nervous energy because we dug up every single ugly boxwood in the front of the house. Well, FINALLY, this weekend we finished up the "flower" beds in the front (i'm sure our neighbors are SO stoked-ha!). Seriously, we do things at a very SLOW pace. My hubby edged the beds and got them ready, and I planted about 9 shrub type plants and 2 rose bushes. I feel like someone slammed me up against the concrete right now though-so tired and sore. Out of shape or just out of sorts with the meds? My mood has been okay this weekend though-maybe from all the activity? I only snapped once or twice.

Next shot, #2, is Weds. I'm nervous. Will this one really set the estrogen spiraling, or, is it supposed to just keep things level now? I really hate taking meds-I hate the unknown-it's scary! I never did well with BC-it always gave me migraines. I really don't want those back!!! Inevitable with so little estrogen in my system? Or, were those caused by the estrogen in the pills? I feel so dumb sometimes about this stuff-I get confused about how it all works-too much to know. Anyway, I'll be sure to let them shoot up the other cheek this time...the one they already used is where my pain is. Though, I doubt the action of the shot is related, the pain didn't start until 3 weeks later.

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