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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Rest of 4/Day 5

I came home early yesterday with an awful headache and scratchy throat. I had headaches pretty constantly the past few weeks...even before the shots. I have a history of headaches associated with my neck/shoulder muscles. May be time to go back and see the Manual Therapy Associates. They did an awesome job. I took some tylenol and sudaphed and napped for most of the afternoon. The headache seemed to ease up, but came roaring back in the PM. That one was hurting in my sinus cavity and from my right shoulder up the back of my head. No pleasant.

Oh, I also had some leg cramping yesterday. Similar to when I am getting my period/am on my period. It'll hurt right behind my knee, where my vein is. Yesterday it extended up my leg (on and off, no constant) to my inner thigh. I will definitely keep a watch on that.

Today has been good so far. Before the shots, I was having issues with my eyes-like, focusing on things. Very hard to describe. For a while I was kind of dizzy with it, but, not anymore. ANYWAY, this "visual disturbance" is back today..kinda lightly. I am way overdue for a Dr.'s appointment, wondering if it is my contacts? My eyes are always changing. Will keep tabs on this as well.

After eating my stomach cramps a bit, and, when I have a bowel movement. There is colon involvement (not inside, but, on the outside) with my endometriosis.

I found a new blog today, another young lady journaling her experience with Lupron. I will tab her blog link on the right.

Such a rainy day here today. I think my husband and I are going to go for some dinner and to see a movie.

I am not sure if I have blogged about this, but, I've been making some dietary changes to help with my ingestion of estrogen and unecessary hormones. Obviously I cannot transform my habits overnight, but, just making some small changes along the way. I am trying to cut out non-organic dairy and meats from my diet. Pretty hard, and, can't do it everyday, but, I think even small changes along the way can make a difference. Also trying to lessen our use of plastics (drinking bottles, containers when reheating foods or putting away hot foods), and I got a new water bottle-a Sigg for more information. ALSO, we are starting to use a home delivery service here in town for our veggies. It helps support our local farmers, and, it's all organic. And, really pretty convenient. We just got our first shipment this week (Thursday). It's called Absolute Organics.

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Lupron Journal said...

Hiya! Thanks for leaving your comments (I know you weren't trying to post all of them so I just published one for you). Thanks for adding the link and I hope together we can help others know what to expect. I'll be reading yours to see how you are doing too. I'm a little ahead of you in my shots. The headaches really suck!!! My email address is lupron.journal@gmail.com. Feel free to post any time. Hugs and I hope this goes easy for you.