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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Weds with a side of Tuesday

Today and yesterday have been interesting. I've had increasing "discomfort" on my chest with deep breaths (3-4), sometimes causing shortness of breath the past few days. So, today I went to my PCP (Primary Care Physician). Now, I don't have all the confidence in the world with these people sometimes...but, today seemed to go well with not as many guesses as the past (I haven't had time to establish at a new practice...I'm just tired of always seeing a PA-not sure what you have to have to see a Dr. there), and, the Dr. actually consulted on things.

A little back fill-I've had a recent history of heartburn-cause by antibiotics given to me for something before the endo was discovered. I had atypical symptoms of heartburn too-it never really burned, it was just CRUSHING. Anyway, I came off my nexium a few weeks ago, and things seemed to be going well. But, it seems that the PCP thinks that my symptoms could be because of reflux. Apparently acid coming from the stomach-the way it presses and such, can cause shortness of breath, and, pain in the area that has been bothering me. So, I am going to go back on my nexium for the next few weeks until my April 22nd appointment. Hopefully things will clear up. I haven't really noticed any worsening with exertion and such, so, this makes sense. Keep your fingers crossed!

They also prescribed me some anti-anxiety medication as well. Not as take it as you need it, but, let's take this for a few weeks and see how things go. I've also had a history of anxiety, and have been on medications for that-for about a year a few years ago. Then it was Buspirone. Now they are suggesting Lexapro. I couldn't remember what I took last time today at the office. I may just ask to take that again, because, I know how I react to it. And, because Lexapro mentions warning about taking NSAID's with it, and, well, let's face it...some days I live off Ibuprofen! Both these medications take 2 weeks to get in and out of your system...so, that makes them non habit forming. We'll see. I'm not opposed to taking them, but, I feel like I am on so much right now (Lupron, Aygestin, Nexium, supplements and fish oil). So, we'll see.

This evening I was having some shin pain, probably about a 3-it only lasted a few minutes though. Also, I am still bleeding. It really hasn't gotten any heavier, but, I had a few cramps today (2-3). I wonder how long this is going to last. Also, still the "vein" pain-on and off (3).

Thanks for everyone taking a look at the site. I hope this is helpful, and I am so glad to hear with so many people "like me". I'm sorry that we have to bond in such a manner as endometriosis, but, it's nice to have folks to talk to.

OH, someone asked about my colonoscopy. I never really "officially" heard from the Dr. until yesterday. I spoke with his nurse (she had told me before everything she thought looked okay) and she said that he removed some tissue and a nodule. The nodule turned out okay, and there was no endo found to be penetrated. He said that wasn't 100%, but, that things seemed to be good for now. he said obviously if the adhesions on the outside ever get to be too bothersome they can go in and resect, but, obviously no parties are wanting to jump into that ANYTIME soon! :) I feel blessed to have my GYN, GI and RE. I really feel like they listen and don't mind speaking with me on things.

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