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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend recap

Nothing too earth shattering going on this way...which, is a good thing! I was having some pain yesterday, most notably when walking around my right ovary. I was reminded about how Lu.pron first surges the estrogen, so, I'm going with that as to why. I wonder how it's going to be when I get the drugs to hyperstim my ovaries. Oh dear. Today has been better, even after chasing my nephew and niece at the beach for an hour or so. Speaking of the beach, always carry sunscreen with you and don't assume someone else will have it. I have a terrible tan/sunburn to prove that point (I had on Tshirt and shorts-thank goodness I was pretty covered!). I'm hoping it doesn't get worse than it looks right now. That's the LAST thing I need!!!!! Just my luck.

Still struggling with one incision in particular-the one they used to see if they could cut into my belly button. Now it has this ring-worm type ring around it. Really?!? Really?!? Katery, does this sound familiar? You and I have had the same type skin things so far. ;) Going to call the derm tomorrow.

Just plugging along with the Lu.pron. Last night was my last night on Aygestin, so, we'll see how it goes without that "add back" type effect. Scheduled for my first US/BW on Thursday this week...


Anonymous said...

What about vitamin E oil? Can u use that? I used that on my incision spots to help with the itching and healing.

Anonymous said...

good luck with this cycle. :)


Barefoot said...

Random ovary pain just seems to be part of the fun. I had some when I was on Lupron.

When do you start your stims?

Anonymous said...

hmmmm, no, i didn't have ringworm (what a horrible name, it sounds SO much worse than it actually is), but i probably had every other skin condition in the book.

My Endo Journey said...

LOL, it's not ringworm, it just looks like it ;)

Um, stims start on Friday. That's the gonalF, right?!