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Thursday, April 23, 2009


I have a b*tchin headache tonight, but, it's because I went to the eye Dr. this evening. I HATE having my eyes dilated. It always lasts forever with me! I can finally see close up now without my eyes feeling like they need to cross. ;)

So, "Ouch" is for that, not shot#2 of the "good stuff". Although, I hesitated a little more with tonight's shot. JUST DO IT!!!

So, keeping this blog post short and sweet. I need to go get the Vitamin B and Magnesium...I hope to get a chance to do that TOMORROW!!!! I want to get it from a whole food/organic type store; I don't want all the extra fillers. Just the good stuff! Hoping it'll help stave off any weirdness in the ocular/migraine arena. I did have issues with that after 4 mo on Lu.pron-hoping just these 20 something units for just a week or two won't spark it. I used to get migraines all the time with BCP, thus the Aygestin to start out my regimen.

I'll be gone over the weekend OOT. So, I hope to have (really, nothing) to report on Sunday!!! Have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Oh I am the same way with getting my eyes dilated. I have to close off the rest of my day to sleep because it makes me totally nauseous. Did you know you can ask them for a weaker dilation solution? There are 8 different solution strengths and for adults they default on the stronger ones. Next time ask for a weaker one.

Kelly said...

I don't like getting my eyes dilated either. It's awful and so is when they want to blow that little puff of air in your eye. Enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

oh allison, i am sorry to say that i still have some skin things going on today and the surgery in question was seven years ago. the folliculitis stuck around for quite a while but i think it's finally gone, however i still have eczema, which is something i never had before all of this. i'm sure yours will get better though.

Sonja said...

I hope your headache has left!!

Mr. Shelby said...

Good luck on the migraines, I get them too and they are awful.

Glad to hear the shots are going well. Keep us posted!

Mr. Shelby (from iclw)

Beautiful Mess said...

The eye doc is ALMOST as the drill at the dentist. Every time I go the doc has to sit there and wait for me to stop blinking eleventy billion times. Hope your migrane doesn't interfere with your weekend plans.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your husband's friend passing away, but I hope you have a great time in Charleston! You should have great weather :)