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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Since I am on the definition kick...

I was thinking about my post op today (which is Friday) and was thinking about everything I gathered from my family. One thing that sticks out to me is this "adhesion barrier" that was placed on/over/near my ovary. Seeking information, this is what I found out today. I guess on Friday I'll get more specific details, but, in the meantime, this is so interesting. I didn't know such things existed. Click here for more information.

Feeling better and better it seems. My stomach is finally showing visible signs of improvement. Slowly, but surely. Now, this prednisone is surely affecting my sleep. But, I am so thankful not to be in such misery I was in a few days ago!!!! I'm ready to jump back into the world (mostly out of being so tired of sitting around), but, promised my Dr. I'd take it easy a few more days. She called today-my RE. She's been OOT this whole time and was horrified about my reaction. She too (as well as the derm) thought it was a combo of the adhesives and betadine (given my previous iodine sensitivty). She wanted to call to check up on things and said she'd take a look on Friday and was anxious to start looking forward. Me too!!!!

I am not going to be cleared for work until after my follow-up on Friday, which, is okay with me. I'd be more comfortable with someone looking at this again before I return anyway. I hate being away for 12 days from work, but, I know it'll be fine! I need to look after me first!!!

We've been gearing up for IVF. We'll learn more about that too on Friday, and get an estimated start time. Before surgery, my RE said that if everything went well with surgery (I dunno if this infection will impede) that we'd be looking at starting the Lupron in late April, with transfer possible by the end of May!!! So, we'll see. I've been looking at a lot of IVF blogs. They are so helpful...much more so that this confusing book the clinic gave to me. I mean, the book is okay, but, it's just a bunch of meds and risks, etc. Not a real world look into the everyday life of this 6 week process of creating what I hope to be a wonderfully healthy baby.

I must admit, with recent incidents and allergies, and knowing my sensitivity to medications, I'm a bit nervous. But, I know if I don't try, I will have regrets. We'll see where we are in a few weeks, but, this is where we are headed so far. Lots of emotions, financial decisions, and preparations to make. An exciting but scary time indeed. And, we need to be prepared to look into the future, no matter the outcome. Will we try again? How many rounds are we willing to endure? What is too much?! We've talked and thought a lot about these questions, and more, and are prepared to make these decisions. I think these are important...if for nothing else, our sanity!!!

So, hopefully soon this blog will turn it's efforts to our IVF journey, in hopes of conceiving with stage IV endometriosis. Stay tuned! In the meantime, I will focus on getting better and moving on past this 2nd laparoscopy. I'm ready!!! But, sometimes these things take time. Oh, and to address all the responses about how calm I've been...I'm glad I appear to be. ;) Some days are/were so frightening and frustrating. I'm trying to keep my head up and forward. I really appreciate all the comments, well wishes, and those that were able to relate with this with their personal experiences. It's awesome to know it gets better. I just have to be patient. That is really hard for me sometimes. That word is going to be hard imprinted in my vocabulary soon, I'm sure, so, better get used to the thought of it!

All for now!


Anonymous said...

i cannot believe you are going through the same shit i did with the impetigo! i hope it gets better soon and you don't develop the folliculitis and eczema like i did.

My Endo Journey said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow, you've been going through a lot lately! That looks so painful :(.
After your comment yesterday, I realized that yes, the pain is every time my bladder or bowels are full. It makes sense, because the doc had to cut away parts of both, and the way they expand, etc. It hurts, but I'm dealing with it better now.
So excited that your IVF trip is going to start soon :).

Kelly said...

You have been through a lot. I'm glad you are getting closer to IVF though. Hopefully you won't be too sensitive to the meds.

Congrats on starting a plan with your husband. This should reduce the stress and arguing about what you will and won't do and how much you're willing to spend. Wish my hubby and I had done the same!

Good luck.

Barefoot said...

Thinking good thoughts for you that you'll get some good information on Friday, and that you'll be on track to start your IVF cycle!