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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Evil female burdens

I went to the RE today for a look see at my incisions. It wasn't my RE, but, it was the RE who had seen the mess to begin with. They ended up digging (yes, DIGGING) some of the glue out of my belly button incision. A little fuzzy on the facts (because, frankly, someone digging in your belly button for 20 minutes makes you quite ill); something about the glue bubbling up underneath itself? Anyway, that is looking much better already. The other incision he cleaned out and he told me to start using the steroid cream again for another few days. Gladly. I was also the subject of a resident's learning experience today. Glad to help out. I bet he got all geeked out when he saw me on the schedule. I can hear it now, "You gotta come take a look at this poor girl". Whatever I can do in the name of science. :) They really are just so nice there though...they ROCK.

My evil female burden=yeast infection. Yep, I knew it. I wasn't diligent enough with the probiotics (should have taken them more than once a day) and the yogurt while I was on the keflex. So, itching again, just in another miserable way. Ladies, probiotics are your friends. I'm just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, I can't stand when they have interns observing. It bothers me. Guess you're a better person than me to realize the benefits of it!

Hope you continue to heal, and get that infection under control.

Alex said...

ugh, they had to dig into my bellybutton too when I had that reaction to the glue, ugh I just about puked!!! Glad it's looking/feeling better and your healing is continuing. Yuck about the YI, I got oral thrush after my lap, NOT cool! *sigh* Oh the joys... Looks like I better prepare b/c I'm gonna have a 2nd Lap here in a few weeks too. Grrr...

allisyn said...

glad they could "clean" you out :) hope you start feeling better from everything very soon....i'm keeping you in my prayers!

Jeanne said...

1) So sorry about the belly button glue digging... Yikes!

2) Glad you have some steroid cream for that terrible rash. Just don't overdo the steroids because they suppress the immune system. So follow the directions they gave you for the cream.

3) Your comments/attitude crack me up. "Whatever I can do in the name of science". Hee hee.

4) I recently was given an antibiotic for cellulitis (at least they think it was cellulitis... long story).

Sure enough, despite taking my acidophilus, I had to take a fluconazole prescription a short time later.

Like you, I told myself after the fact that I should have taken more acidophilus than I did. I had never taken this particular antibiotic and the amount of acidophilus I took simply wasn't enough.

So, yes, probiotics really are our friends. You are so right. I know if I'd taken more I could have headed it off. Acidophilus has saved me before!


P.S. The navel is the energy center of the body... the center of the qi. You might want to consider getting acupuncture to strengthen that area after all that trauma.

Amanda said...

Oh I love probiotics - T says in the hospital where I work they give each patient yoghurt drinks with them in twice a day because they have been proven effective - so we started buying them (we can't afford to have them twice a day but we still have them regularly enough to make a difference).

Sorry to hear about the nasty digging around in your belly, gosh sounds awful, but I'm glad it's looking better now.

Anna said...

Yes! Probiotics, probiotics, probiotics. They are our tiny miraculous bacteria buddies and, depending on the strain, can benefit us in so many ways from digestive health to immune, girlie, and skin health. I have had great luck with probiotics and yeast infections in the past...but, yes you gotta keep replenishing the reserves. There are tons of ways to get them...supplements, foods like yogurt, and foods fortified with probiotics.~Anna M. blog.nutri-health.com

Caroline said...

So glad to have stumbled upon your site! Yes...I second (or fifth or sixth) the notion on probiotics...they have not only been a friend...but our miracle! Our 4 yr old son had severe food allergies and Eczema all his life. He went to specialists, hospitals, itched, bled, itched some more...you get the idea. His little body became "addicted" to the oral steroid the doc had given him. We immediately got him off of them with an endocrinologist but no one ever had any answers for him. It has been a LOOOONG road with this, but we finally found Vidazorb kids chewable probiotic and it has turned his life around completely! He is healed! He has gone from only eating chicken, peas and rice...to just about anything now! Thanks to his Zorbee he is a "normal" little boy :) Probiotics really do ROCK!!!! yippie!!!

Faith said...

Good grief -- I am so sorry!!! Glad you've got a sense of humor about the whole thing.

My Endo Journey said...

Thanks for that blog Anna!

Hello caroline. Thanks for stopping by!