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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Today's post is brought to you by the number 6

I went in for my first US today.  Lining is up to 6mm, which, is good.  That's all it would ever get up to the last two times, and, that's the minimum they'd like to see for a FET.  So, hopefully that will continue to progress and we can get out of that grey area-I know they will not transfer me at the minimum.  They'd also like to see a mature follicle to signal the ovulatory process.  None of that yet.  A few on the right that will most likely never mature...they never do.  There are some on the left too-rooting for one of those!!!  Soooooo nervous about this.  I will go in again on Friday and see what's going on.  The transfer was originally scheduled for Monday.  I am not sure if we are still on course for that or not.  This has been the longest week!  On top of all of this, I'm battling a delicious little head cold.  Great timing, as usual.  Hoping to shake this off, and fast!
More waiting!


Anonymous said...

Hope your lining continues to grow and everything looks good on Friday for a Monday transfer!!

Anonymous said...

i hope that lining keeps thickening up for you, i had problems with that too so i know how nerve racking it is.

Mo and Will said...

glad to hear the lining looks good so far. grow lining, grow!

Nic said...

Thinsg are progressing. Hope your lining thickens and that you get a sign of ovulation
Good luck with this FET

Anonymous said...

ooh sounds like things are going well this time... keeping you in my thoughts and prayers xx