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Saturday, November 6, 2010

My FET explained

Yeah, it's kinda confusing. I don't even understand fully. See, I'm one to question medical professionals-about EVERYTHING. But, when it comes to ART sometimes, I'd rather leave it to them. I'm OCD and stressed out enough about this, sometimes I cannot bother myself with the little details. However, I too was very confused about the follicle and this FET. It's never been an issue before-we always focued on the lining. What's going on?!?

Basically, it's like this. Since this is different from a traditional FET cycle (more drugs, including ovary stimulating ones), there are certain parameters that they have to follow. My mistake, it doesn't have to be a MATURE follicle. WHEW-sigh of relief there since I've had a few issues with that before. There just needs to be something resembling one present before we move forward. Why? The follicle signals the ovulatory process, and all the wonderful, embryo welcoming features it brings with it. Seeing that follicle will tell them that things are SUPER optimal for go. It will start my natural progesterone and all the good hormones that make a nice home for the embies. Extra protection if you will for these blasts that are waiting for us.

If there never comes a follicle...I am not 100% sure that they will cancel this cycle. Maybe it just won't be optimal. I didn't ask. I know, I know. Honestly though, I don't want to think about that if. We are ready to move forward. Positive thoughts...right?!?!

I think they are just being extra conservative. They really want this to work out for us. We've had one chemical pregnancy and one 2nd trimester loss. They are really wanting to make sure that this sticks...and sticks properly. At least, that's how I see it.

If things look good tomorrow (going in Sunday AM for another US), then, I'll have my ovidrel shot then next weekend is the transfer (5 day blasts-WOOT!). Here's to hoping!!! THANKS EVERYONE for helping to keep me sane! ;)


Courtney said...

Okay that makes perfect sense! Thanks so much for explaining. I hope all goes well on Sunday! Will you still take progesterone supps?

KC said...

Just a quick question. Do you know if research suggests that we(people with endo)will have better results with 3 or 5 day embryo transfers?
Sorry to both you with this.

Lauren, Daniel, James and baby Brendan. said...

Praying it works!!!

KC said...

Come on maturish follicle! No kidding you are a bit confused the entire infertility process is overwhelming and you need a PHD to navigate through it.
Sorry to bother you with questions but I am having my first IVF this month and I am debating between a 3 or 5 day embryo transfer. If you could provide any insight that would be awesome.

KC said...

Thanks for answering my question I truly appreciate you taking the time. I guess I have to trust in my doctor (which is difficult). I guess at the very least my first cycle will be a learning experience.
Thanks again,

My Endo Journey said...

Courtney-yes on the progesterone. Crinone...fun!;)

LM said...

Hope everything goes well for you. Have you even had a HSG test before? I recently was diagnosed with stage IV endo and have been told I need IVF but want to try to go for the HSG test first. Good luck to you again.

My Endo Journey said...

LM-Thanks! No, I have not had an HSG, but, I've had 2 laparoscopy's and 2 hysteroscopy's. ;) I'm allergic to contrast dye, so, they looked at them with dyed saline during one of my laps. Good luck to you!!!